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Pink Elephant
September 13, 2007, 7:57 pm
Filed under: Family

It’s hard to blog regularly when you have a pink elephant in your head.  Some big life "thing" that blocks out all the other meaningful, important things of life that bear noting.  Whether that elephant bears the face of a child facing huge struggles, a friend from church facing a mortal crisis, or good but stressful life events, trying to make a light-hearted, insightful, interesting blog becomes a stressor and not a fun hobby. 

This is me right now.  When my thoughts are all but consumed with "what’s next" in more ways than one, the joy of the daily race is robbed. 

Tonight, soccer and scouts; tomorrow, skating party then we are all off to Tennessee over 4 hrs away for a soccer tourney til Sunday.  Next week I have a total of 4 yes FOUR doctors’ visits–2 for me and 2 for children, and I haven’t gotton sitters for any but one of them.  That doesn’t include the regular soccer practices, scouts, projects, homework, school for Mr. Grits, church activities, and so on that are a normal part of life.  I really am not complaining; just saying it’s hard to think about blogging with so much life clutter. 

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wow!!! im getting stressed just reading all of this!!! Wish i could be there to sit for u!!! 😦

Comment by katie

You’re preaching to the choir…Amen sister!

Comment by Wendy

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