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Let’s about clouds
September 18, 2007, 2:05 pm
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Sugie has this funny thing she does when things get tense in the family.  She was the baby for so long that she doesn’t like it when things are tense and so she takes it upon herself to break said tension with a little diversion.  I don’t think she means to be funny but we’ve come to rely on her tactics when we need a subject change. 

So this weekend we are driving along to Memphis for the soccer tournament and it was not a fun trip.  We got a late start.  Things weren’t left in the best way at home.  Rough week at school.  The roads were not "user friendly" for a long while.  The kids complained.  Mr. Grits was heck-bent on getting way out of town before we stopped to eat which made it late when the kids got dinner which didn’t help.  After one particularly hair-raising moment, Sugie’s wee voice rises above the grumbling and complaining in the car and she says, "Let’s talk about clouds." 

Everyone got quiet. 

She said, "They are fluffy and white."

Someone else added, "Sometimes they are shaped like animals." 

Another said, "I like the big pretty ones when the sky is all blue."

And on and on the conversation went. 

No more tension.  It was like magic. 

So for the rest of the weekend when things got tense and we just needed a subject change, someone would say, "LET’S TALK ABOUT CLOUDS!" and we’d re-start the conversation. 

Don’t you just wish sometimes you could do that with your day?  When things get hectic and frazzled and busy and nervous and angry and disappointing, don’t you just want to say, "Let’s talk about clouds!" 

It’s worked magic in the Grits’ house lately!

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It does seem that we make mountains out of molehills sometimes. Such a simple way to re-focus. Bravo, Sugie. Wait’ll Mrs. Tabony hears!

Comment by distybug

Oh, how precious!! I am so going to remember that…

Comment by Meg

aweeee!!! How sweet!! love that girl!

Comment by katie

The cloud story made my day!!!Thanks

Comment by Lynda Blackwell

That Sugie is soooo sweet! (Hence the name?)

Comment by Andrea

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