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Cool party tricks!
October 12, 2007, 8:54 am
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Have your friends and family in stitches!  Amaze those who formerly had an ounce of respect for you! 

Take DOPAMAX TOPAMAX and YOU TOO can forget how to read and spell!  You too can forget how to do simple math by simply turning the paper upside down and looking at the numbers from different angle!  Enjoy bald spots and clogged drains from your formerly lush locks.   You will enjoy becoming the life of the party by becoming the butt of every imaginable joke due to the multitude of ways you can do something, ANYTHING,  absolutely stupid!  Actually GAIN weight on a medicine that is supposed to make you lose
weight because you are too cloudy in the head to do anything but
mindlessly eat!  Enjoy time away from those you love by going to the grocery store with a list (likely that took you a day or so to make) which will take you hours upon hours to retrieve as you wander aimlessly around the store trying to find as you circle back aisle to aisle in confusion!  Spend countless moments in front of your own door as you struggle to figure out which key opens the door!  Why does is take a whole hour to empty the dishwasher?  Why, it’s TOPAMAX!  (MAX..max…max…)
Yes your life can be made much more complicated and frustrating by simply adding 50 mg a day of STUPAMAX TOPAMAX. 
Why worry about migraines when you can have headaches of a different kind from
Some restrictions apply.  Your mileage may vary.  Seek professional counseling if your head begins to spin on its axis and you spit pea soup for more than six hours.  Open wounds and skull fractures  from beating your head against a wall can be serious.   Remember to use a pillow or cushion when acting out in frustration, or use other less destructive means.

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this is very sadly funny!! that was bad grammar wasnt it?

Comment by katie

{{{{{{{{{{{{{{Kim}}}}}}}}}}}}} You have always been so on top of things and I know this is driving you nuts. Will you be on Topomax for long? Are they using it just to stop the pain cycle or are they using it as long term preventive? I pray for you it is short term.

And as far as gaining weight – I bet you STILL look fabulous 🙂

Comment by Angie

Ooooh! I wish I could come help take care of you and your obligations.
I’m wondering too, is this long term? Here’s hoping it’s not.

Comment by MamaLady

Awww, I feel for you! I know how much work it takes to keep my house functioning and if I’m not on top of things it QUICKLY falls to pieces. I hope you’re allowed to find your way out of your stupor soon!

Comment by Kristi

First, I feel for you and your Stupamax induced frustration. We’ll continue to pray that those headaches will go away and STAY away.

Second, I must know who the other Kristi is that comments on your blog! E-mail me!

Comment by Kristi

Your not too out of it…that was funny! 😉
What does your Dr. say about your side-effects? Cause, wow…that is really a ton to deal with. 😦

Comment by Gayle

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