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These are a few of my favorite things…
October 16, 2007, 4:31 pm
Filed under: All things Scottish

One of many, many things I love and miss about being in Scotland is tea!  I love walking in the door and being offered tea!  I love seeing someone and not thinking it’s rude to say, "Poot th’ ke’el on!"  (That’d be ‘Put th’ kettle on!’ for all us Suth’ners!)  I love having an excuse to eat biscuits (cookies) and holding the warm cup in my hands when I’m chilled… or even when I’m not– it’s just comforting. 
I determined I would bring this "tradition" home with me and I’ve done pretty well.  I do have my "cuppa" every day, Ken and Wilma!  I brought back with me a wee "teapot for one" when I’m feeling formal like I can sit down with a cup and saucer, but most days I enjoy my tea as I’m racing about as life "goes pear-shaped!"  In those cases I use my  favorite mug with scenes from Scottish culture I enjoy… you’ll see the "BEAR" as Bee says ,with the Scottish flag on his "jumper"  (is that right, Wilma?), a thistle which is the national flower, a castle, the Tay is represented, "wee sheep," a "dry stane dyke" (a stone wall) and a wee "heeland coo" (Highland cow).  Did I get those right, Wilma??
I love my tea habit, and hope I don’t pay for it with another kidney stone!!! 🙂


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Love the cup and tea pot set!!

Comment by Jennifer- Wilson-six

Kim – I have been drinking tea off and on since I was about 8 years old and in the last 10 years I make myself a pot every morning with my Bunn. Today it was Peach Herbal – now I am having Black Cherry Herbal after work. Nothing like a hot cup of tea in your hands to ward off the chill and since you know I live way up north you can understand why some days I drink two pots 🙂 My favorite is Cherry Vanilla or Vanilla Almond – yum….. but I will drink it anyway except Chai.

Comment by Angie

So cute!!
I can’t see the castle?
Earl Gray for me, every a.m.! and then again mid afternoon on days like today…

Hey, it looks like these pictures were taken on the screened in porch! So already you are using it more? 🙂

Comment by Meg

What a cute cup!

Comment by Marie

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