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Aloha Friday
October 19, 2007, 4:49 pm
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For lack of brain cells on this Friday, I thought I’d play along and ask a question and have you answer by leaving a comment.  Sounds like fun to me! 
Um.  Now I have to come up with a question. 
I know!

What type of calendar do you have this year?

Sounds simple enough!  Now just leave me a comment and we will all have a great weekend!  OH me?  I have our school’s "God’s Creation" calendar that we sell every year as a fundraiser.  Don’t tell anyone, but I bought a Chickfila calendar for 2008.  More fun, and COUPONS!  😀 


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Such blasphemy…buying another calendar! Really!

Comment by Kristi

I am kind of a calendar connoisseur
I have searched and used a ton of diff calendars…until I found the perfect one. Now, this is the only one I get. I have used it for several years!

It is the Moms Planet calendar. It has room to write things, comes with stickers, and has a pocket folder on the bottom to put b-day invites, dr and dentist appt cards, and whatever you want. I keep soccer team phone list and school class lists there too!

Here is the link to what I am talking about.

Comment by Jennifer- Wilson-six

I have a Gustav Klimt calendar. Love him! People always give me various sappy calendars I don’t like, so for 2007 I put my foot down. But I already have two for 2008, a green chile one and an Avon one. What is it with all the calendars? People always give my dad calendars and he doesnt want to hurt anyone’s feelings so he hangs each and every one up in his office.

Comment by Marie

I use the God’s Creation calendar in my kitchen. For my purse I have a generic month-at-a-glance. The squares really aren’t big enough to write everything I need to write!

Comment by Kristi

We have the same kind every year, a large magnetic one on the refrigerator. Very plain but effective! Thanks for playing along!

Comment by kailani

I love our calendar and we get the same one every year. It’s the black & white “Stendig” calendar.
It’s a large 3’ X 4’ wall calendar that’s absolutely great for keeping track schedules. It also makes great wrapping paper! We learned to order it early as in 2005 I had to get it from a little shop in London which was the last place on the planet who still had one. Even then it was the sample on the wall.
I also have a day planner (which my kids have always called my brain) with a month at a view calendar.

Comment by pinkjagxj

.. come to think of it, we do not own a calendar! i usually look at the PC’s calendar or outlook’s!

Comment by Charm

I have a Hot Chocolate desk calendar that I LOVE.

Comment by Gayle

Who was that that said they didn’t have a calendar? Somebody needs to be selling to her! Of course we use the school calendar! (Can I really afford another calendar after that???) WE do use a large erasable calendar at the landing of our staircase. It’s kind of “command central!”
Ready for the next play along question.

Comment by Wendy

The Purpose driven life calendar! It’s awesome! Great question!

Comment by Katester

I use a St. Jude’s calendar every year. It is sweet with special drawings from their patients.
They have already sent me my 2008 calendar, so I am ready to go for next year!

Comment by Andrea

Um, if anyone needs a Chick Fil A calendar, I have about 45 in my van that I still need to sell!!!!!! Guess what calendar I will be using for 2008???

Comment by Terri

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