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Local buns
October 26, 2007, 4:40 pm
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Yesterday I had the privilege of going on a field trip with my 9 year old, JD to a local landmark.  Sadly, from where we were, we only had one view of the Roman god of the forge… I’m supremely thankful for his smithy’s apron… Brings new meaning to "Buns of Steel."  This is actually the largest cast iron statue in the world.  Kinda makes me feel the need to cook up a batch of cornbread. 
Maybe some cornbread buns…


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Kim, Have you ever read the “Southern Sisters” mystery series? Oh mercy those books are funny! Anyway, they’re set in B’ham and talk about being “mooned by the god” all the time. Funny stuff to read, you know, when you have time!

Comment by MamaLady

LOL! I am completely chapped that I have sat here for far too long trying to come up with a good one liner with such an amazing set-up as this…but I can’t.
Bummer. 😉

Comment by Gayle

Me too Gayle…got nothing.

There has GOT to be a great comment to this flashy post….but….I’ll leave it to the experts.


Comment by caroline

Great picture. I have to ask about the cornbread though (so boring of me I know!) I’ve heard about it before, what is it?

Comment by Sue

I’ve lived in bham most of my life, and i have NEVER been there..Cant say I regret not being mooned by this huge statue man. It looks like he has a hospital gown on! Im sure only I would notice that since I work in one and we always seeing old men who walk around with just their gown on, and we are like oook, let’s call your nurse! That is what this statue reminds me of, except for the funny looking shoes… Yeah,anyway.. LOL

Comment by Katester

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