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October 29, 2007, 7:21 pm
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I filed this under "cute kids stuff" because Caroline assures me that one day I’ll think it’s cute…
I have a certain child who has recently outgrown all her clothes.  (Yes, it’s amazing.  My children DO actually outgrow clothes!)  Sunday when we were getting ready for church, we couldn’t find anything for her to wear, and I don’t mean that in a diva-type way, but in a "none of my cold weather clothes fit me" type of way.  It was true, too.  I went through her closet and started pulling out clothes that were in there that were too small and I made a HUGE pile.  If I hadn’t been getting ready for church as a single mom this weekend, I would have stopped and taken a picture.  (Mr. Grits and Jojo in TN for soccer.)
By the time I was finished, she had 2 short sleeved t-shirts, about 6 long sleeved t-shirts (four of which were pink or some variety of pink which she will not wear now), one skirt, a bridesmaid dress from Katie’s wedding, a medieval costume, an Auburn jersey, one or two sweatshirts with stains on them, and a plentiful amount of school uniforms.   Praise be for the school uniforms!   
I’m not kidding– that’s all that’s in there. 
So she put on the one skirt and one of the long sleeved shirts with her flip flops (oh yea, all she had were tennis shoes, uniform shoes which I would not make her wear to church, and flip flops) and off we went to church after I had commandeered my mom to babysit the next day so we could go shopping.  Did I mention it was in the low 50’s?
Today after school, we eat lunch then head out for the dreaded event.  Can I tell you, it was easier telling her she has to have a tooth pulled tomorrow than it was telling her we were going shopping for clothes.   And yes, she is having a tooth pulled tomorrow and would seriously opt for that over shopping. 
We searched 5 different stores and 2 shoe stores and saved a TON of money!  SO MUCH that we actually came back with the same amount that we left with!  We didn’t buy ONE thing.  Not one.  In fact, she didn’t even try anything on.  Sadly, I told her I would buy her ANYTHING in the store as long as she’d just pick something out.  Nope.  No go. 

Here’s our "shorter list" of things that disqualify an article of clothing:

no big buttons

no flowers

no polka dots

no stripes

basically, no prints, at all

no puffed sleeves

no bows or anything that resembles one

nothing gathered, especially shirts

no corduroy or any fabric that would be considered "too soft"

no sweaters

no babydoll shirts, for sure!

no tights

no embellishments of any kind

no dresses; only skirts

no mini skirts– they have to be LONG

nothing feminine looking

and heaven forbid, NO PINK.

So, anyone got any ideas??  Links?  Prozac??  The question really is, what is she going to wear to church on Sunday??

Sadly, you know what slays me?  I WAS JUST LIKE HER AT THIS AGE.  My mom was SO laughing at me… (thanks mom!) 


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A talented girl like you could custom make her something…


Comment by caroline

When you were her age….

Comment by caroline

My suggestion is to use your amazing talent to sew her some t-shirt dresses in any solid color other than pink!

Comment by Gayle

Wow that’s a tall order and I thought I was having problems trying to stop my son from wearing beach sandals in the cold.

So it’s a long linen skirt or trousers with a plain coloured shirt or t-shirt then! Oh yes and a plain cardigan.

Good luck. 🙂

Comment by Sue

I don’t want to hear about this. I don’t want to think about what MY girl will put me through! Right now, for me, ignorance is bliss.

Comment by MamaLady

As 2 sue’s comment…I still wear my flip flops!! It’s a generation thing…we cant stop! LOL!
And when i was her age[and still at my age] dont like puffed sleeves,or miniskirts,or polka dots[unless they are on my flip flops.] LOL! Good luck! 🙂

Comment by Katester

Get her a potato sack…solid color, DEFINITELY not soft, no embellishments. Just cut holes in it for her neck and arms. Black boots ought to work with it.

Comment by Kristi

What size is she. I have boxes of things that were K and R’s. I might have some things that fill her requirement!!

Comment by Jennifer

But just look how wonderful you turned out!! Mom

Comment by Yvonne

maybe you could let her look through some catalogues and find pictures of things she DOES like? LL b or Land’s e just for ideas… Or maybe if she could search on-line with you she might find some things she liked… Hannah is much the same way about shopping (although not quite as extreme!); last time we went I had to beg her to choose something. We did find some jeans at Target that she likes and they have some cute (but not too cute) shirts in colors besides pink. H can’t stand anything “trendy” THANKFULLY! But it does make the shopping a challenge. How about just a polo style top or a button-up with a long skirt? She’s such a sweet girl… aren’t you glad, that she’s not so INTO clothes, fashion, etc. 🙂

Comment by Meg

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