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A little whine with my cheese
November 20, 2007, 9:59 pm
Filed under: Life

Ok first the whine part… I have had 4 headaches in the last 6 days.  2 of them were so bad I took a Relpax (the strongest thing I have and I only get 4 a month) and had to go to bed with them.  I am NOT happy about the return of my headaches!  I don’t want to go back on Stupamax.  I’m just getting to where I can sew again!  I need to sew.   Waahhh. 

Ok now for the cheese…
Um, I like cheese. 

Sorry, best I could do to sneak in my whine… 😉 

Back to happy thoughts, people. 

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At least you can find humor in the situation!

I feel your pain girly…I had one Sunday night. 😦
It was the first one since before I was pregnant with Brooke. My mom is saying we should call it an isolated incident!
Praying for you…

Comment by Andrea

Yeah, that is not whining…b/c you are simply stating you had a HORRIBLE headache!! 😦 Im sorry!! Praying that was just a one time thing and u wont get anymore like that for a long time…
Hey guess what? im coming in tonite, YAYYY!!!!! lol…Had to add that in there.. 😉

Comment by Katester

ohhhhh, so sorry!

Comment by Meg

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