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Speaking of Christmas…
November 30, 2007, 5:20 pm
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… do you have any "theme" or anything you collect in terms of Christmas decorations?  Anything you like– snowmen, reindeer, santas, etc?  I’d love to hear what others do for Christmas decorations or any neat thing like that. 

In the picture below you can see one of my big nutcrackers on the mantle.  I adore nutcrackers!  They are my favorite!  My first one was given to me by my beloved.  My mom has given me some.  I have bought just one I think.  A dear friend gave me a wonderful nutcracker playing the bagpipes in a kilt!  Since then I’ve looked especially for Scottish nutcrackers.  It’s amazing that they really are out there!  I have wee nutcrackers, ornament nutcrackers, and even one with a soccer ball!  I’m not a nutcracker snob– I like the inexpensive as well as the expensive (but I don’t really have a lot of those!) 

Some of my children were scared of them when they were little.  But that probably had to do with Mr. Grits chasing the kids around the house with nutcrackers making the things act like they were talking.  Heh heh heh…

I think my love of nutcrackers goes back to seeing the ballet many times as a child.  I loved going and "seeing the tree grow."  I don’t know if all versions are the same but to convey the fact that Clara was now "little" and interacting with the toys, the backdrop of their home with the tree on it was pulled up up up and it was actually a really long canvas (or whatever) with an ever-widening Christmas tree on it.   I’m sure I didn’t communicate that well, but just use your imagination.  🙂  <– (That’s a smiley, Wendy.   Oh, and an arrow pointing to it.  😀 )  Anyhow, I loved going to the Nutcracker ballet every Christmas (well, many Christmases) and now I get to relive that memory with the fun nutcrackers I put all over my house!   So if you ever want to get rid of a nutcracker, think of me! 


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Years ago I tried to collect different decorations from around the world, but as I didn’t travel that much, it soon stopped!

Now with the children I let them choose a new one each year so they build up their own collection.

Comment by Sue

I collect snowmen and santa’s. Not any kind of santa, but the old world santa’s. I love old fashioned stuff and the old world santa’s are the prettiest to me. I have only a few but am collecting every year.

Comment by Rebecca

Boy I am sure glad you fixed that reindeer spelling….it was bothering me. 😉

Just kidding….for those of you that don’t know me. Kim, she just knows.

My favorite thing that I have done every year is put the “fake” white poinsetta’s in my Christmas tree. I buy the “bouquet” then separate the branches so that I can add a few here and a few there. It really brightens the tree and adds some consistency to all our many kid’s ornaments.

Comment by caroline

I would love to start a collection of nativity scenes from around the world…I don’t have any collections yet, but I do have a girl nutcracker with a beard.

Comment by kimmy

I collect white, silver, or clear snowmen only. I have a bunch and probably don’t need any more!
Maybe I can start something new for Brooke??

Comment by Andrea

Oh and Bailey too…I forget about her sometimes cause she still teeny!

Comment by Andrea

I love the Nutcracker Ballet too! My b-day is in December and many years I have asked for tickets to the Ballet. I’ve even gone by myself when tickets were either expensive or couldn’t find anyone that could or would go, (due to not liking ballet, not me). On to the question of Christmas collections. Our family for years has had what we refer to as “traditional” decorations. This simply means that what we make or collect gets used year after year after year. Although it is nice to see these things each year, I had been yearning for something new, so last year, we went in a new direction. We bought a silver tree and all blue and purple decorations. I have a bit of a snowman theme going. I particularly love the snowmen that are mostly in blues. The whole blue, silver and shades of purple theme just speaks of winter to me. I celebrate Christmas for the fact that our Lord and Savior came into the world to save us. But I have snowmen for fun.

Comment by Tiera

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