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December 13, 2007, 8:46 am
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mws banner Do you just love Christmas music?  I do!  In fact, we can’t find ANY of our favorite Christmas cds.  I have no clue where they are!  So it was a special treat to be given a copy of this Christmas CD by classic Christian artist Michael W. Smith!  Thanks to the folks at Reunion Records (you can click on the picture, I believe) the only Christmas music we are listening to this year is MWS.  🙂
So what is it like?  Well if you know anything about his music, you know that he is not just a singer but a talented musician.  There are a number of holiday songs on here that I’m guessing he wrote and directed that are just musical numbers– no singing.  If you are looking for another Christmas cd with Jingle Bells,  Silent Night, and every other over-recorded, over-played holiday song, this is NOT the cd for you.  (I do love Silent Night as much as the next girl, so no flames!)  Honestly, when I listen to "It’s A Wonderful Christmas" I can almost see holiday scenes in my mind, almost like the soundtrack of a movie– It’s very "visual."  You’ll think I’m crazy, but there is one song that makes me think I’m standing out on a cold day just as snow is beginning to fall,  in a toymaker’s shop ala Nutcracker, or watching over the wistful musings of a loved-one far away from home on Christmas morning… going to the door and there’s all the family come to visit.  Ok, yes I really imagine that.  I’m weird, and I probably need therapy but it’s my own little world come alive.  There are a number of scenarios in different songs like this, but I’m afraid if I reveal them all I will lose all my friends. 
And on another note, I love the Celtic sounding A Highland Carol because everyone who knows me knows I can’t listen to a bagpipe without getting all teary-eyed.    I just love that one. 
So to sum it up, this is no "Friends Are Friends Forever" cd.  It’s more artsy, and like I said, very visual.  Lots of choirs and orchestras.  And Mandisa.  Did I forget to mention her?  She’s awesome.  And bagpipes. 
If you are looking to sing Grandma Got Ran Over By A Reindeer in the car, then don’t buy this one.  But if you want some feel-good, mood-setting, and dare-I-say worshipful music, treat yourself to Michael W. Smith’s "It’s A Wonderful Christmas." 


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