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Guess who uploaded pics today?!
December 13, 2007, 9:17 pm
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Dsc00724I made Bee a sweet dress!  I started one just like it for Sugie but broke a bunch of pleater needles.  😦

Why did I make these?  Because dang it they are cute!  Just serving utensils for fun but I beaded them.  If you get some from me, act surprised.  You can’t tell from the picture but these are tiny utensils… just a "wee tea spoon" and a pickle fork.

Ok this is the YUM-O Chocolate-Mint Cake I took to our Young Couple’s Christmas party.   Yes, I still have a pumpkin on my counter from when I went to the pumpkin patch with Sugie.  Well, it’s in the trash now.



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I’m mostly into quilting lately, but when I see the adorable stuff you make for your girls, I SO wish we lived closer so you could teach me!!! Wanna take a vacation to icy Iowa? lol

Comment by Dorian

Is your middle name “Martha” by any chance? Very cute stuff, including that yummy looking cake.

Comment by Gayle

I saved the cake recipe! Can’t wait to try it…I LOVE chocolatey-minty stuff..Thanks for sharing. Oh and CUTE spoon/fork..very artsy!

Comment by Heidi

Oh the cake, THE CAKE!!! I made that cake THREE times last Christmas. I am in the mood to bake today. Was thinking banana bread, and gingerbread, but hummmmm this is awfuly tempting!

Comment by Meg

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