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Christmas Tour
December 17, 2007, 10:47 am
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Boomama is having a Christmas Tour of Homes dealy-doo and I didn’t participate last year because, honestly, I’m just not the decorator type and also my house is never clean enough to showcase the pithy decorations I do put up… you’d be too busy gape-jawing all the clutter and launDsc00858
dry and crushed cereal and squalor we call home. 
So anyhow, I mentioned the stocking story and then I gave you the picture to go with it (you are very welcome) and I won’t post those again, but I also mentioned my love for Nutcrackers!  So here are some pictures of them, not that I expect you to love them as much as I do, but nobody made you come here so indulge me, ‘kay?

The most noteable guy here is the little one holding a baby…  Mom gave me that one the Christmas after the birth of Sugie in ’03.

I love this guy!  He’s about 5-6 inches tall and was given to me by a dear friend in ’05 after going to Scotland the first time.  I LOVE HIM!

This little guy is kinda’ Sco’ish too.   Love him too!

Now you absolutely have to promise NOT to laugh.  Promise?  Ok, this is our angel.  Yes, as it the pinnacle of our tree. 
Yeah, I know. 
She’s ugly, and is made of tea-stained battenburg lace and has a giant brown tear on her face. 
BUT… when Mr. Grits and I were P O O R and married and in college a friend and I got this "bright idea" from a magazine about making our own angels from doilys… so this is the outcome.  She graced our first tree and has been there ever since.  Well, last year I put her on the kids tree upstairs (which is NOT photoworthy since there are only colored lights on it and not even any ornaments!) but they absolutely revolted and she is back in her place of dishonor.  Now it is a goofy family tradition. 

And isn’t that what decorating our homes are all about anyhow? 

Merry Christmas Y’all!