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It’s all over but the cleanin’
December 26, 2007, 3:55 pm
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So Christmas is over at the Grits’ house.  I have already started the jolly task of putting away the decorations.  Call me Scrooge, but when it’s over… I’m over it.  Now it’s just procrastinating if I don’t do it quickly.  And getting dustier.  What is the deal with Christmas decorations that they "make" dust.  My house is NEVER dustier than when I am pulling them down.  Geesh. 
The kids had a great Christmas… I think everyone got what they wanted and then some.  We were blessed in a special way in that we were able to give our kids something they always wanted and that we never thought we’d be able to provide…  They got a foosball table!  It has been a lot of fun (and whining) and we are really enjoying it. 
I never want to see rich food again.  No, really.  Well, ok, maybe starting at Thanksgiving 08.  Just at our house we had sausages wrapped in bacon and covered in brown sugar, crab dip, spinach dip, hummus, cheeses and meats on Hawaiin bread rolls with all kinds of sauces; candy and cookies out the wazoo, drinks and special "treats" along with every kind of food you can imagine.  I was really excited that I actually had decent serving dishes for it all.  We love appetizers and instead of a big meal, we "appetize" ourselves into the next pant-size.
So here is our "Best of…" the season!

My one new love from the holidays was something my sister sent over for my birthday… she made up the batter for Hot Buttered Rum.  I always thought this sounded disgusting but I am addicted.  It is SO delicious and I find myself with the need to drink before lunchtime.  I am resisting, you will be pleased.
Ok, so I mentioned the foosball table, but the one we are REALLY all enjoying is the Wii!   I am sore from "bowling" with Mr. Grits last night and I’m sure I’m going to need a minor surgery to repair my bladder after laughing it out of my body.   That’s some fun!  And a wee bit of exercise for a sloth like myself.
I’m not really sure how you spell Bee’s gibberish as she looks at Christmas lights, but I wish I could can it!  I thought about driving around one more time in the car tonight to look at Christmas lights so I could video tape her, "OOOOWASSAT?!!  Ivearublkdosts!"  And looking over and smiling at us for confirmation.  Now THAT I wish I could bottle.
We live atop a hill and had a stellar sunset on Christmas evening.  I took some pictures that I will share later. 
The BEST news has to be that my good friend Wendy told me on Christmas night that she is expecting after many years of prayers!  I am so happy for you!
I hope you all had a wonderful time over the holiday with family and friends, but the best news is that Christmas is the celebration of the birth of Jesus– God with us.  He came to earth, lived as fully man and fully God, lived a sinless life, and died a criminal’s death in our behalf.  But that’s just the beginning… He rose again after 3 days in the tomb, defeating death.  So now we have hope.  If you missed someone over the holidays that has gone on in death, you can have hope that you will see them again if you trust in Jesus Christ alone for your salvation. 
And, that, my friends is reason to celebrate.   

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Hey, I’m with you Sistah! It’s over, down come the decorations, kids are whining, but the excesss stuff is driving me crazy.
Thanks for sharing about your Blessed Day.

Comment by MaryLu

God bless you, Kim, especially for sharing the gospel on your blog. Praise God!! We do have hope, a sure hope that is so sustaining in our needy times.

Comment by Lynda

I whole-heartedly agree!! I had all my decor down and put up and replaced with normal stuff last night (26th) before I went to bed! I LOVE Christmas, but I’m always ready to get that tree down when the big day is over 🙂 Glad you had a wonderful Christmas!

Comment by Heidi

Merry Christmas!! AND Happy Birthday!! 🙂 I’m so glad you had a good one! Our tree and (most) decorations are down, too. Packed ’em all away about an hour after we got home on Wed. Our tree was a fire hazard! We put it up the day after T’giving this year… that’s long enough!!
Love you!

Comment by Meg

Thanks for including me in your “Best of!”

Comment by Wendy

I had a funny dream after reading this. I dreamed I was over at your house and you were all there and the foosball table was in a box on the floor. Very strange.
Glad you all had such a great Christmas!
(I still have ALL of my decorations up.)
They’ll be gone by Tuesday.

Comment by penny

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