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Yeah, it comes before the fall…
December 28, 2007, 1:51 pm
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Alright, so everyone who hated the fact that I was 2 1/2 lbs below my first prepregnancy weight 13 years ago when I was 21?  Yes, you have gotton your wish. 
Since August, I have gained 14 pounds.  How does one gain this much weight this fast?  I don’t know.  When I went to the doctor in August I know what I weighed, and I know what I weigh now, which is obvious to me since my clothes don’t fit. 
I’m so sad!  I worked so hard! 
But I have decided I’m getting a scale and going to LOSE it again, and this time for good.  I will watch what I weigh and what I eat and if I tip up, I will get back down.  I like being skinny too much to keep this yo yo thing up.   It can’t be good for me! 


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So when you get back down are you taking on extra to lose to? I will gladly send mine to you to work on 🙂 I actually have been working out and :::::sigh::::::: I now think I have a prolasped uterus so don’t know if I should continue jogging on the treadmill.

Did your weight gain coincide with the headache pills you were on? Can’t blame it on the diet of breast feeding champions either can you? hahaha Just trying to help out 😉 At least you aren’t a lush before noon anymore!

Comment by Angie

Mark and I are heading back to South Beach right after the holidays… Will we be seeing you there? (I ask this as I am mowing back some fettucine alfredo, just so ya know)

Comment by Gayle

I don’t EVEN want to talk about weight right now when I am fatter than I’ve ever been and will now add pregnancy weight on top of that! I am terrified as to what I am going to look like next summer. (I may go into hibernation). How skinny are you that you gained 14 pounds and I didn’t even NOTICE!!! sicko!

Comment by Wendy

Okay, I secretly want to be happy that you gained weight because that’s the mean girly thing to do, but since YOU CAN’T EVEN TELL, then it doesn’t really do any good.
You still look good!
Gayle–I’m jumping on the South Beach wagon with you, so we’ll have to share recipes!
Wendy—-You look awesome!!! Enjoy your pregnancy and don’t worry too much about your weight!

Comment by penny

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