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What must the neighbors think?
December 31, 2007, 11:24 pm
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Some folks on our street were shooting off some fireworks tonight around 7:30 so Sugie and Poo went out to watch.  A while later, my phone rings and it’s my neighbor who has one sweet little girl almost 4.

"I just thought you’d like to know that Sugie and Poo are at our house playing." 

Yeah.  Didn’t know that. 

I’m thankful they are a sweet Christian family and acquaintances of ours, but I swanee those kids would go home with anyone. 

Not to mention they looked like the white-trash hillbilly kids that live by the crik.  Sugie’s "I love Daddy" shirt was too small and showed tummy and didn’t match the pants she had on with her church shoes.  I’m glad she put on a jacket.  Poo had on a short sleeved t-shirt and no jacket. 

I came over to get them and JD came with me as well as Bee, who was still wearing her PJ’s from the night before.  Same PJ’s she is now sleeping in again tonight. 

We are looking to conserve water here at the Grits house, as well as protect the environment from pollution from soaps and detergents.

Standing by the street as I sought to scold Sugie, who had fled back home and was hanging out of the open second story window in her room watching fireworks, I finally got to meet our caddy-corner neighbors.  Oh?  We have lived in our house 2 years this week.  And I’ve never met them.  Just trying to be salt and light, you know. 

Did I mention I was wearing an apron?   The newly-met neighbor asked if I had been cooking.  Er, well, I made bread this morning…   But we had ice cream for dinner. 

Nothing but the best for those white-trash Grits’s.    

What is so bad, is that as I dragged my kids out of that nice, pristine home, I had to literally have them clean up behind themselves… because I could see where they had been.  Her house was spotless.  With a 4 year old.  After Christmas. 

I came back home with my dirty baby (who I think had poop) on my hip while wearing my dirty apron and with my head hung low from meeting my neighbors, to my poorly dressed-for-the-weather (or certainly any social event where one might encounter people) and wondered how we became the Clampetts.  I was so embarrassed but I can’t seem to do better. 

For all that, though, the grandparents of the house my kids invaded told me how polite and sweet they had been.   And if your children are going to be breaking and entering the houses of others, you really do want them to be polite if they can’t be well-dressed. 



The end of an era
December 31, 2007, 9:33 am
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An era is ending at the Grits’ house.  On Wednesday, Sister, who is the only be-speckled child in our house, is getting contact lenses.   During the last month of 2nd grade when she was 7, she had 10 inches of hair lopped-off and she got glasses– in one day.   (Yes, she donated the hair.)  She went back to school looking like a totally different child.  Cute, but different. 
Now her hair is long again and she will lose the specs, and I’m so glad.  She is so much like me at that age, and tends to hide behind them– awkward and unsure.   Not many people get to really see her personality which, if I may say so, is hilarious.   She is a bit shy and not physically mature like many of her peers, but hiding behind those glasses is a girl who in the next year or so will emerge like a butterfly from a cocoon.  I’m sure of it.  I look at the giant happy smile in her pictures pre-glasses and I wonder what happened to it.  It’s in the cocoon, I’m sure. 
I’ve mentioned before how she doesn’t like clothes or shopping or any "girl stuff" but it’s just a matter of time before she starts "caring."  Starting with the fact that she wants contacts.
I can’t wait to see what the future holds and to see my little girl re-emerge from this time of change.