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Just like old times
January 4, 2008, 10:08 pm
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Tonight I had the extreme privilege of a girls night out with my friend, Jen, who I’ve been BFF’s with since she was in 1st grade and I was in 3rd.  She’s one of those that knows too much about me, I’m sure, and likewise. 
It’s funny, of all things we only live about 2 miles apart, or less, but we only talk every month or two and get together not even once a year.  Sad, huh?  We’ve joked that one of us should move away so we’d see each other more. 
As girls we played with our fake Cabbage Patch "adoption dolls" and dreamed of going to fancy dinner with our husbands.  No kidding, we did.  We mimicked our teacher-moms  when we carpooled to school everyday, as they discussed life as teachers in a Christian school.  I can still see her saying in an overly-dramatic way, "It just terrible being a teacher with these HORRIBLE children!"  We fought with our siblings in the car every day, and ganged up on the other’s siblings too… including twice when her brother kicked her and broke fingers.   
Jen and I had frequent "spend the nights" and watched the A-Team and Dukes of Hazzard and Knight Rider.   We played school and made worksheets and certainly talked about boys. 
As we got older, we cheered together, had some classes together (Spanish with "Bain-tay" was the best!), and even went to the beach together after I graduated.   She was in my wedding, and when I went off to college we kept in touch… including the week she was to get engaged to her high school sweetheart, Mike.  Everyone knew but her.  I was her maid of honor, and boy did we talk about everything.  Like I said, sometimes too much information.  😉   The night she got married I found her daddy in a puddle of tears over his baby girl who was "gone."  He makes me swear it didn’t happen.
As the years passed, we both became teachers, we went to fancy dinners with our husbands (well, ok, not so fancy but they usually involved BBQ and sweet tea, which is just our style!), and have kept each others babies.   We have cried together over deaths, and we have cried together over births.   
We don’t get together very often, like I said, but when we do it’s just like old times– like we were never apart.  We get caught up on our families and our old friends.   We have recently (but not tonight, thankfully) laughed so hard that we have wet ourselves.  In public. 
I think of my kids and I hope and pray they have good friends like Jen.  And like many of the other great "best friends" I have, she enriches my life.    She is such a fun thread to the past, and we are like "peas and carrots" (to quote Forrest Gump.) 
I know with friends like that, miles don’t make a difference and that it’ s true– a friend is someone who knows all your faults… and likes you anyway! 

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It’s so good to have best friends like that. Many people cross our path through work and social events, but it takes just one or two special people to be those best friends.

I have two friends who I met through work and we see each other about once every six weeks although we email or phone more regularly.

They are definitely my rocks.

I also have a friend from childhood that I don’t see very often (she’s in a different country at the moment), but when we get together there is no awkwardness and we’re never lost for conversation.

It was lovely reading your blog and you are lucky having such a great friendship.

By the way I love all those tv programmes you mentioned especially Knight Rider. I also loved Charlies Angels (I wanted to be Jaclyn Smith) and The Bionic Woman. Bit sad really. 🙂

Comment by Sue

Friendships like that are rare and sooo special! So glad you got your night out! You’re so blessed (even if you don’t get to see each other a lot) that she still lives so close…that’s awesome 🙂 Mine is about 5 hours away (moving to Alabama actually brought me closer to her-yay!)..but when we get together–it’s just like ya said–like we were never apart! We don’t even have very much in common anymore and we can drive each other crazy…but we’ve been friends since we were 10 yrs old and not having very common lives now doesn’t seem to matter much to our friendship.

Comment by Heidi

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