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January 6, 2008, 9:22 pm
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–  I don’t know if any of you ever go to Money Saving Mom and do the CVS thing, but I have been doing this for about a month or more and it has been the most fun and I have saved a TON of money!  I usually walk about spending literally less than a dollar for 10 or so items.   Kudos to Caroline for turning me on to this one!  Thanks!  Well, it’s a big sale week there and I spent a LOT of money there… $51, but I got $28 back to spend in the store for next time, and get this… I saved over $120 in coupons and deals!  I got so medicine, cleaning supplies, baby supplies, shampoo/conditioner, first aid supplies, make-up and on and on…!  I was disappointed I spent so much but honestly, it’s all stuff I buy anyhow and would need eventually.   So I suppose you could say, net I spent $23 on 37 items, including name brand Lysol, Excedrin, Loreal, etc… 

-Other thing– Not sure if I mentioned it, but I started back on The Beach last Thursday after realizing my 14 lb weight gain since August.  Would you believe, Thursday was THE ONLY day since then I’ve had a migraine?  Go figure.   I suppose I will have to LIVE on the beach if I want to be headache-free.  Oh well.  I will be curious to see if this keeps up. 

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Wow, great deals!!! Unfortunately for me, the closest CVS is 75 miles away. ::sigh:: Oh well, I’ll cheer you on!!

Comment by Dorian

Don’t completely resign yourself to no-carbs for eternity because didn’t you start your new meds right about the same time?
I have heard a little of the CVS thing, but I really need to check this out more since we are getting a new one right down the road from us.

Comment by Gayle

I read all about tht CVS thing and it seems a bit complicated and time-consuming for this pea-brained friend of yours… it does seem worth it, though! Way to go!!

I always wonder what relationship food has to aches and pains. Hey… there are worse places to live! 🙂

Comment by Meg

I was gonna ask about the meds too. When did you start them and are you having any side effects?

Check out my post tomorrow. I wrote it before I read this post of yours. Great minds think alike.

Comment by Kristi

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