Reformed Grits

Used with permission –edited
January 8, 2008, 2:11 pm
Filed under: Cute kids stuff

The scene:  the lunch table with the middle 4 children.

Unnamed male child: "Hey, raise your hand if you like ‘Moist Cake’!!!"  (said like, "Chocolate cake" or "Red Velvet cake" or "Strawberry cake…")

We all looked around, like "What the heck is ‘moist cake’?" 
"What are you talking about, (person)???"

"Mom, it’s a REAL CAKE!  And it has MOIST in it!!!!!!!!!!"



Same son; a couple hours later:

"MOM!  The Bible has the word ‘THONG’ in it!!!!!!!!"

Ah, nothing like a pure mind and heart. 

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Are you just so thankful they are reading the bible??

Comment by caroline

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