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January 9, 2008, 4:43 pm
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This morning, I came home from dropping 5 at school and noticed not only was Bee wearing the same outfit she wore yesterday (and slept in, poor chil’) but she was dirty.  Like, as in sticky stuff with dirt and fuzz on different parts of her body. 

Bath time.

I came home and took her straight upstairs to her tub and got her all nekkid for her bath.  As I was gathering up towels, etc, I realized I was smiling.  Like teeth showing, kind of smiling.  I relish seeing her tiny hiney running all over the place.  She enjoys providing the entertainment.  It was funny to see her when she started tee-teeing all over the hard woods.  Yes, I said it was funny.  She looked down, surprised, and looked up at me and laughed, as if to say, "DID YOU SEE THAT!!??"  Then  she looked back down and peed as hard as she could and it shot straight out.  We both giggled.   Ok, gross story, I know, but she was so surprised and tickled.  I just cleaned it up and off we went to the bath. 

As she sat in the tub, I checked the water temperature then added a good dash of the bubble bath she got in her stocking.  I just sat and watched her play in the bubbles and water.  It was amazing to not feel rushed or like there was something else I had to do or someone else I had to care for.  It was just her. 

It was just like having my first child.  Of course, by her age now, Jojo already had a younger sibling.  So this really is my first chance to bring up a single child, at least while the older ones are at school.  There have always been more than one at home when the youngest one had enough personality to play like that.  I am really enjoying her, singularly.   

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I have been thankful for wooden floors many times for such moments as this! How sweet to enjoy your baby bee this way!!! I also enjoy the MDO/School mornings with my youngest. However, I never seem to get any alone time with my oldest child now. Always something…..

Comment by penny

How sweet! What a blessing for you to have those moments! I am just realizing the struggle of trying to divide my attention and also just enjoy them together…lots of balancing already…and my youngest isn’t even fully aware of it all!

Comment by Heidi

aweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 😀

Comment by katie

Good Times!!
I am a mean mom…I never let mine tee tee on the floor, but it is probably because I have carpet! 😉

Comment by Andrea

Sweeeet. I love those special moments. My babies need a bath, too, but I just don’t have the energy…

Comment by Meg

What an immediate answer to the prayer you posted in “itchy”! A sweet moment to overflow with love. A reminder that God’s timing is perfect and that His blessings are sweet. Perfect timing with the birth of baby bee and the ability to “soak her up”, maybe soothing other aches? Oh, what a multi-faceted God we have! (I must admit, I smile and giggle at tiny hineys too!)

Comment by Kelly

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