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January 11, 2008, 5:03 pm
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Ok, just checking your pulse to see if anyone is out there. 

So here’s a question…

At what age should kids start being responsible for some of their own expenses? 

Thinking about this ourselves, we love opportunities for Jojo to work and receive the benefits of hard labor– he has done some jobs such as raking leaves, etc. to earn money (not from us, mind you!)  and really enjoys the physical reward of labor.  It’s been great for him to learn about tithing on his income, saving for the future, and all things stewardship.  Our thoughts are, if they are old enough to work and make money, in the same degree they can be responsible for some of their expenses.  For instance, last week he wanted to go to a movie with friends.  We told him (after checking for supervision, movie choice, etc.) that would be great for him to go– if he was willing to part with a portion of his hard-earned cash to do so. 
If he had a regular, part-time job at a business, we would expect him to do even more. 

And on that note, I’ll just throw out there that Jojo is a hard-worker and trustworthy if you have some small jobs he can do; and likewise for Sister if you need a mother’s helper, etc.  😀 
But I’m not partial…

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I dunno?
Ty started to cut grass for a garden home this past year, which was really good for him. However that money burned a hole in his pocket, so we need to work on that this Summer.

Comment by Gayle

I think they should be responsible whenever they start to HAVE money. Darlin wanted and iPod last year, and she had birthday money, so we told her if she wanted it, she could buy it…and she did.

Comment by distybug

My kids aren’t really old enough to pay for their own things yet, they get birthday money sometimes to spend, and while we are speaking of age, can you zip your daughter off to the Northwest to stay and help me for say, 5 years?

Comment by MaryLu

We already allow Reagan (6) and Mac (4) to earn a very small amt of money for chores on Saturdays. (Not every week, just when we remember.) Then, John sits down and helps them count out their tithe, makes them put part of it in a “savings” piggy bank, and the other in a “spendings” piggy bank. They also get money from long-distance relatives for birthdays and Christmas, so we let them use that for something like a toy they want or build-a-bear, etc. (Can we say Dave Ramsey or what?)
Anyway, I think he’s definitely old enough for some of his expenses.
BTW, I’ll be calling Sissy for some help this summer!

Comment by penny

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