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If I were to run for President…
January 15, 2008, 12:32 am
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Don’t worry, I’m not getting political on you, but I was just thinking… (listen for the sound like rusty gears… )
Every election season, we see all the fussed-up candidates in their suits– squeaky clean, coiffed, groomed, and dressed to the nines.  They put on the noble "I love my country" face and make speeches that bring tears to our eyes…

… and then it hits the news stands.  Pictures of them in college smoking weed or hanging out with Jane Fonda.  Having a extra-marital affair… with someone of the same sex.  Scandalous money deeds involving shady investments.  They are a mormon.  Oh wait, that’s not considered a scandal.  (Laugh, people.  It was a joke.)  You name it.  They all have their "thing." 

Makes me think what my scandal would be.  Was it the wild, drugged boozing in college?  Um, no, because I was Miss Goody Two Shoes and never did A.N.Y of that.  Seriously.    And I was married to boot.   Shady financial investments??  Um, you actually have to HAVE money to invest it.  Scandelous affairs?  HA!  Everyone who knows me knows that I have always only ever loved one man.   Affairs of a different gender?  Don’t make me laugh– I don’t even HUG, much less… ew. 

But…Everyone has SOMETHING??!! 

And then it occured to me…

My biggest "dirt" was when I was in 10th grade and was at a sleep-over birthday party with about 20 girls there,  me and another girl found our friend’s stash of "wild" clothes, dressed up in them, cranked our hair up another notch, put on scads of eye make-up and lip synched "Pour Some Sugar On Me."  And somewhere there is a video.  And photos. 

I really worry that will come back to haunt me. 

I need to get a life. 


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OH thanks! Now I have that song in my head.

Comment by caroline

If that is all you have hiding in your closet that is great. I still like to dance to that song. At least my kids are still young enough now that they think it is cool. What do you think they would do if I tried that when they are 12 at a slumber party? HE!HE! I might just have to do it!

Comment by Rebecca

You do need to get a life! 😉
When we get old(er) and our kids are all grown…I’ll take you out to sow some wild oats,K!
(Unfourtunately, I was a real wild child back in the day.)

Comment by Andrea

I meant unfortunately~I am the worst typer!

Comment by Andrea

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