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Forever young
January 16, 2008, 2:54 pm
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I have 3 pictures I keep on my refrigerator.  One is of me and Mr. Grits at his Junior prom when I was barely 15 and he was turning 17 in a couple days; of us at my senior prom when I was 17 and he was 19, and then a candid at our wedding when I was 18 and he was 20.  When people come to our house they invariably say, "OH MY GOSH!  IS THAT YOU AND (MR. GRITS)????!!!!!!!"   
I don’t know why I’m surprised that they are surprised.   In my mind, this is how we look!  (Well, minus my giant bangs and his mullet.  I can hear him now, "IT WAS NOT A MULLET.  IT WAS JUST LONG IN THE BACK."  Ah, glad we cleared that up.)   When I think of us, I still think of us driving around town in his old red Corolla blasting Bon Jovi and White Snake cassettes.   Sometimes it takes me off-guard when I consider that we have been together for over 20 years.  How is that possible?  We just met!   
I look at these pictures, and I remember thinking at the time that my peach antebellum-style skirted prom dress was so classic that it would never go out of style.   Now I just shudder.  And plan to wear it to Jojo’s 80’s dance next month.   I remember thinking that my poufy-sleeved, giant bow-butted wedding dress (and the floral  bridesmaid’s dresses accented in baby blue)  were timeless… no one would EVAH look at my wedding pictures and laugh.  And certainly my daughters would be honored– no, THRILLED to wear my dress for their weddings.  Ha!  Over my dead body!
Time melts through our fingers like grasping water.  No, we are no longer teenagers.   I don’t have those perky girls.  We both are getting wrinkles and the occasional gray hair.  The dresses and tuxes are SO very out of style.  The hair is dorky. 
But as I look closer… something is still very much the same.  Yes, I can see it… it’s the smiles on our faces.  We are still crazy about each other.  We still look to the future and smile.  Only now, the smiles are even brighter because they are polished by our memories and the experience of sharing our lives together.



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That is so neat ya’ll met so young. It is sweet to hear you talk about the smiles and the feelings that are much stronger now. It is nice to see a couple who can still say they are in love after 20 years of knowing one another. Congrats.

Comment by Rebecca

Awesome…I love it!

BTW, I had a peach prom dresss just like that!

Comment by Andrea

I love remember those days!! You guys were/are so cute together!! Monte and I celebrate 10 years this year. I can’t imagine 20!! WTG to you both.

Comment by Dorian

I had a dk green almost black dress like your peach one…same style and everything! Sad thing for me is when I look at the picture I can’t remember who the guy is standing beside me. What a wonderful gift the Father gave you to give you your love so early in your life.

Comment by caroline

My kids say y’all look the same! 🙂
Matt says to tell Mr. Grits, “business in the front and party in the back!”

p.s. I still have my copy of that prom pic. I remember coveting that hair!!

Comment by Meg

It all changes, yet it doesn’t. I love that. DH and I have also been together for 20, and it amazes me that he looks just the same, yet who is this old, gray-haired blob he’s with now?

Comment by MaryLu

LAW! Y’all look so young!…well ya were. We get that same comment every time someone looks at our pics, too. I oughta post ours sometime, since I enjoyed looking at yours.
It really is a blessed thing to have only loved one man since youth.
But Whitesnake? Have you no shame?

Comment by Gayle

That hair totally ROCKS! My bridesmaids wore the pink prom dress (only in aqua)! What a hoot!

Comment by distybug

Aww, what a sweet post! And I love the pics. 🙂

Comment by Faith

OH MY GOSH! HILARIOUS and makes me think of my lovely “blue lamay” (is that how you spell “lamay?”) prom dress.

Comment by Wendy

What a great post – I’m new to your blog and this is just the best bit of “how did we get here” I’ve seen in a long while. One thing I know at my age – The Bible, love and good kissing are about the only “timeless” things we have. (oh and fried food if you were raised in the South – cannot forget the classic joy of fried food)

Comment by Linda Sue

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