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January 17, 2008, 11:28 am
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Jane Austin once said, "There is nothing like staying at home for real comfort." 

It’s been yucky here.  Rain and sleet.  Cold, cold, cold.  Well, cold for Alabama.  Almost FREEZING!  (gasp!)  I don’t like to be cold.  And when it’s yucky outside I just want to stay in.  I want someone to take my kids to school and bring them home.  I don’t want to get groceries.  I don’t want to even go on a date or even to church.  I could seriously from about January through late March never leave the house and be perfectly satisfied.  I want to wear my sweats and fuzzy socks and one of Mr. Grits’s sweatshirts and pull my hair into a clippy and make a giant cup of tea.  No, it’s not some sort of "seasonal affective disorder" and I’m not depressed.  There is just a sort of comfort in having a warm, cozy home that is clean, orderly, and smells of something cooking or a yummy candle.   

Having a family of 8, I can honestly say that when I am able to stay home day in and day out, I can keep the laundry and dishes up, take care of the meals, and that’s all I want to do.  I really don’t want to go to a million different events.  I don’t want to have my fingers involved in every activity.  I want to be cocooned in "home."  And I don’t simply mean my house.  I want to feather my nest and create a haven for myself and those I love.  So for a season, I will feel free to say no every invitation I can say no to.  I won’t go hither and yon.  I won’t be pressured to go to every party, every social, every thing.  This is my time for home and family.   Because, after all, home is where my heart is. 


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Amen sister! I think I will forward this post to my husband. Maybe he’ll understand if someone else is saying it. He has tuned me out.

Comment by PollyS

“I want to wear my sweats and fuzzy socks and one of Mr. Grits’s (well this would be my husband’s) sweatshirts and pull my hair into a clippy and make a giant cup of tea.”

THIS my friend is my homeschool teacher’s attire!

Comment by caroline

AMEN! Here in “North” Carolina we have “snow” today. All the children want to do is be OUT IN IT. UGH. According to the 11 yo, I am a party pooper; I despise the WET, the COLD, the MUD and the MESS all over the place. All I want to do is clean up and bake and make some tea and be WARM. Besides that, I never bother to buy boots b/c we get 1/4 inch of snow MAYBE a year and what a waste that would be and where would we store them? SO of course they’re all out there in their tennis shoes soaking WET. And MUDDY. And COLD. Did I mention the MESS??

But, I think, they’re happy.

p.s. Caroline, I’m dressed up today! I’m wearing my OWN pink sweatshirt!! 🙂

Comment by Meg

Yup, I agree. Except I have been running ALLLLL over God’s creation for this whole week.
But whatever, I have a new van!
Oh, and I’m with Caroline on a normal basis…always fun attire when the UPS guy comes around.

Comment by Gayle

Whats all this tea stuff.? Coffee, now thats the thing. Nothing like it girls. Try it, its good to the last drop!

Comment by Lynda

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