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I claim ignorance
January 21, 2008, 12:32 pm
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You could probably say I have lived a very sheltered life. 

I grew up in a Christian family and went to church every Sunday.  We didn’t have cable; we rarely went to movies; and I even went to a small Christian school when NO ONE went to Christian schools.  I was very VERY naive and I have the evidence to prove it:

Case One:  Once in 9th grade we had some kids at our school from a girls’ home.  I befriended one and although I didn’t REALLY like her, I felt like she needed a friend.  So I would listen to her as she told me her horrible life story.  One day, she "needed to talk" so I suggested we go to the dark room where I helped out developing film for the yearbook.  (This term is used loosely.  My other friend Gab and I mostly just sat there and listened to the radio while skipping class.  Sorry mom!)  So we were in there talking, and she was kinda fake crying and I couldn’t figure out why she kept telling me she needed a hug… and to hold my hand.  It was all a little weird but hey, she needed a friend and it was my "Christian duty" to be there for her.   It all came together for me a few years later when I saw her picture in the paper on "Being a lesbian in the South."  Yikes.  It really came together then. 
I claim ignorance. 

Case Two:  In college, I was married and working in the university admissions office– a job I really liked because of all the interaction with students my age I didn’t get normally, living off campus and not having a "college experience."   Every day some would come in and we’d "talk scoop" about what was going on on campus.  Some of the older guys would regale me with tales of things that happened in the frat houses… specifically, I remember one telling me about the tricks they would do with the giant worms that lived in the drainage pipes in their kitchen floor.  They would hold "treats" up so that the worms would come up to eat them,  and they could catch them to go fishing with.  I had no idea you could do that.  (Yes, I know now he was yanking my chain.)
I claim ignorance. 

Case Three:   A number of years ago, Mr. Grits and I had the amazing opportunity to go on a cruise and we stopped in to the Bahamas.   As my grandparents had always gone there on preaching and teaching jaunts, they would tell me about The Straw Market so I just KNEW this was a place we had to go!   As we wandered the booths, I came across a very curious table of beautifully handcarved pipes.  They were so funny and had faces on them and I was transfixed.  As I stood in front of the table exclaiming over each of them, a man came up behind me saying, "OOO you liikke weed?  You wan’ some gooood weeeed?"  I was perplexed?  Why would this man think such a thing?!  Mr. Grits whispered to me, "Um, Kim, those are bongs."  To which I replied, "What’s a bong?"  Then it all came together…
I claim ignorance. 

My kids are currently growing up in a Christian home where we go to church every Sunday.   We do have cable… for the moment… and they will occasionally go to movies.  They are in a Christian school, and while they are more naive than most I think they are a little more "clued in" than I was.  I hope so.  Although, I really shouldn’t complain because likely it all kept me out of trouble. 
But then, I could be wrong.  If I am, well, I’ll just plead ignorance. 

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I love this post and could actually post my own “ignorance” lists. Nothing wrong with being a “goody two shoes” (as I was called.) I am glad for the strict boundaries that kept me out of trouble…
although I might be the only person MORE naive than you! 🙂

Comment by Wendy

Ignorance is Bliss….

Comment by caroline

Where did you go to college?

Comment by distybug

Oh my–story of my life! I was the baby of seven and would often be the brunt of my brothers’ twisted humor. They once told me that Websters had taken the word “gullible” out of the dictionary. I went to the bookshelf to check.

Comment by MaryLu

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