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I claim ignorance, part two
January 22, 2008, 12:22 am
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This episode of the "duh" files actually drags Mr. Grits into the picture too, and I’m very sorry honey, but this is a story that simply must be told. 

When we were first married, I was 18 and he was 20.  We were dirt poor and lived in the married student apartments of the university we attended.  Cinder block walls, and you had to walk through our closet to get to the bathroom.  But we loved it. 
Just before we married, I had gotten a dog for the first time in my life and I missed him.  Now, away from "home," I had desperately wanted a dog for us but they were not allowed in the apartments we lived in.  But we DID hear that caged animals were ok… so I convinced Mr. Grits to buy me a cute, tiny, fluffy white bunny with tan lop ears.  Before we made the purchase we were careful to have the animal "gendered" so we would be sure to get a nice docile female instead of the angry, territorial males.  We watched as the extremely skilled technician cashier checked, and confirmed that our precious bundle of fur was indeed a girl.  We named our precious firstborn bunny, Cassie. 

Oh was she precious!  Every time she hopped around the house (we gave her her freedom of course and caged her only at night) she left a simply charming trail of uncandied M&M’s that were just darling.  But as Cassie grew, we noticed that she had an unusual ability to shoot her pee with some force and accuracy.  We thought that was simply amazing (and talented, I’m sure) and were sure we had a very special bunny on our hands.   As she got bigger we noticed that our precious, sweet bunny would… well, vibrate sometimes.   Funny little bunny.  We were sure it was just a rabbit’s sensitive nervous system… but it was curious to us that when we would pick up Cassie to comfort her from these surely frightening times, that, well, how shall I put this delicately, well… Let’s just say, we didn’t know that girl bunnies had such interesting external plumbing that handily kept pee off the bottom of their fur.  It’s amazing how God thought of everything when He made bunnies.   

Folks, I am not kidding.  We owned this bunny for almost 4 years.  And it wasn’t until the last few years that it dawned on us… that Cassie was indeed a boy. 

I claim ignorance. 


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You are cracking me up with these stories! You know, I’m sure you could come up with more and create a once a week feature… “Moron Mondays” 🙂

Comment by Meg

Oh my gosh! This post should’ve come with a warning label:
Warning Wendy…Do NOT read during Recess!


and by the way…when it comes to our “ignorance” contest….YOU WIN!!!! HA HA

Comment by Wendy

NO WAY you actually thought it was a girl. How could you not put that together?? THAT’S funny.

Comment by distybug

Wow, wasn’t that handly the way God made “her!” Oh my, rolling in laughter!!

Comment by MaryLu

I don’t laugh out loud at the computer too often…even if something really has me laughing inside…but this story did it! …An audible laugh while I’m sitting at the computer with only Olivia to laugh with! Sooo funny! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

Comment by Heidi

Now come on Kim…you’ve got to be making this stuff up! ;-0

Comment by Andrea

You are cracking me up!!! I can understand you not figuring that out (kind of), but what is Mr. Grit’s excuse?

Comment by penny

Really funny stuff! Reading the last post where you referenced the dark room at our old HS also made me laugh. I haven’t thought about that place in years! Good times!

Comment by WillisBlog

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