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Where are they now?
January 23, 2008, 3:35 pm
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Occasionally I will have this "blast from the past" experience where I think of people I knew either as a child or earlier in my life, and although I may not remember their names, they left an impression on me and I wonder what they are doing now. 

For example, I remember in the 3rd grade our family had gerbils, and for a time my mom had them in her classroom at school.  One day, some stupid boy got one and drop-kicked it into the woods behind the school.  I was devastated at the inhumanity, but a girl in my class came to comfort me.  We became immediate friends.  She and I keep up through Christmas cards and I even went to her wedding and met one of her babies.  But what about the stupid boy?  I wonder.  He’s probably in jail for something he did to someone else.  He probably beat his wife and kids.   Or he could be running for political office.  Or maybe a place kicker for an NFL team.  Hm. 

When I was in the 5th grade, there was this shy kid named Jay who was a tad on the geeky side but was really nice.  The problem was, he could not control his, um, fumes and frequently made evidence that he was a "bean-eater."  Ahem.  He was teased mercilessly and after the 5th grade, I never saw him again.  Kids are cruel, and it’s sad because he was a nice guy.  I wonder where he is now?  I bet he is a very compassionate pediatric gastroenterologist.  Or maybe he is actually the Bush’s Baked Beans guy.  Hey, wait, isn’t that guy’s name actuall Jay?  Hm.  Makes you wonder…

I remember in junior high, a friend of mine named Dana was caught on a number of occasions hanging her (very large) bra out the back window of the school van which was emblazened with our Christian school’s name.   As they drove along on the route home  every day,  she’d  "let it all hang out" and as she got close to home she’d either drop it in the street or throw it in her bag.  I only know a little of what happened to her after those tumultuous years.  She had a child without the benefit of marriage, and a few years later while she was under the influence of some substance– either alcohol or drugs, I don’t know– she was in a violent car wreck in which her precious baby boy burned to death in his carseat.    I know she spent some time in prison, but I wonder what happened to her after that. 

Every day on the way to school, I pray with my kids and one thing I pray with them is that they would seek out someone who needs a friend that day; that they would be kind to others, and think of others before themselves.   You just never know how the kindness of a word or thought could encourage someone in the right direction. 

And besides, I don’t want to get a phone call that one of my kids drop-kicked a gerbil into the woods.   That would seriously mess up my mojo. 


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“I think of people I knew either as a child or earlier in my life..”

Sorry…this sentence cracked me up.

Comment by caroline

Good Memories…

You and Caroline crack me up with your blog critiquing!!!

I thought that sentence was perfect!

Comment by Andrea

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