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January 24, 2008, 11:45 am
Filed under: Life

I am sitting in a chair in my kitchen with the laptop on my lap. 

Around me, dishes are dirty and long to be put in the dishwasher.  It’s actually empty, and waiting for me.  Crumbs on the island.  The counters need to be cleaned; the floor needs to be swept.  On the kitchen desk, I have numerous store fliers that need to be disposed of, and a number of "priceless" drawings that need to be filed for posterity.  And a dirty dish.  And an empty purse. 

Ahead of me, in my "green room" (which is supposed to be an eat-in area but is too small for my family and I use it for various purposes) I have laundry that needs to be put away.  It is even folded.  My vacuum cleaner is standing at the ready– plugged in and all.  In the adjoining laundry room, I also have a basket of clothes to be folded; a dryer full of dry clothes; a washer full of clean, wet clothes.  A load yet to be washed.

I have a small stack of "school stuff" in my room that could be easily taken care of.  My bed needs to finish being made.  Half-way made, it still invites me in.  Down comforter, fuzzy blankets, soft pillows– anyway, not today.  It calls, but I can’t answer.   I need to empty the trash– smells like poopy diapers.  Hm.  Wonder why? 

My living room looks like trolls live there.  7 socks, all inside out.  Numerous shoes.  A backpack for the one who is home today.  Couch pillows.  On the floor.  Remote controllers everywhere, crying to go the basket they call home.   

None of it is getting done.  Mostly because I’m sitting here describing it. 

My toes feel like ice cubes that might snap off if I stand up to walk.   The girls are upstairs and I can hear the  bass of the television as they watch Dora or some other waste of time show.   Outside, it’s freezing.  The shadows are long and weary,  even though it’s nearly noon.  I can hear the birds calling, begging for spring.

Must… stand… and… work…

Send reinforcements…..!   


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Yeah, well.
How’d you know what’s going on at my house?

Comment by Meg

Miss Alabama…

You DO NOT know the meaning of cold. It was 16 BELOW zero on my way into work this morning and not only was this the coldest day of the year but we are the coldest part of the country. The chocolate lab won’t even stay outside for longer than 30 seconds. Please plan for 5 at your house. We are coming south 🙂 I will even help with your cleaning 😉

Comment by Angie

I think we live in a parallel universe. I avoid the cr#p that overflows in my hose on a daily basis. You know, like right now!
I’ve found that if I set a timer that I get a lot done. For instance, it takes approximately 12 minutes to sort, load and switch laundry. Add another 8 minutes it’s folded. Add another 4 and it’s put away. It takes me 5 minutes to unload the dishwasher, and add another 4 to load it.
When I finish one of those tasks, then I can sit on my rear and contemplate the next pile o mess.
I have yet to conquer the work I do for $$. I am continually messing around.
Just my way of dealing with life these days.
Hope your day gets better.

Comment by PollyS

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