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I really hate to brag, but…
January 31, 2008, 5:54 pm
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Who am I kidding?  I love to brag on my kids!  Baby Bee is now 19 1/2 months old and continues to be the Belle of the Ball.  Everyone adores her and vies for her attention.  She is sweet and funny and pleasant, and we are so thankful for her. 
But one thing has really set her apart as An Amazing Baby. 

She loves her playpen. 

I can put her in her playpen in the morning, and she will play and chatter away happily in there for hours.  Yes, I said hours.  She will smile and talk if I walk by as she plays with her babies or pushes the button on her "fridge radio" and says "Bye, Bye!" to it.   I can’t tell you how thankful I am, as she was really getting "busy" and I often found her in the pantry with her arm in a cereal box.  Or under Mr. Grits’s side of the bathroom sink hiding in the cabinet.  Or playing in toilet water.  Or sticking her face out between the rails of the stairs. 

You can see how excited I am about her new safe haven. 

I still love to have her near me when I am doing things, but now I can get involved mentally in an activity and not have to run through the house every 3.22 minutes screaming, "WHERE’S THE BABY???  HAS ANYONE SEEN THE BABY???" 

I’m enjoying the respite that comes before she turns 2 this summer…   

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This would be a good thing if Eviebee came over. She just loves to squeeze the pieces out of your child. Little Bee would be safe from her oh-so-too-much-lovin friend.

Then Eviebee could go play in the toilet.

Comment by caroline

Once more, our girls are cut from the same cloth. I cannot tell you how thankful I am that the Lord blessed me with such a happy baby. One that doesn’t mind being in her playpen. This fact truly makes my life easier.
But when I let her out, boy I need a GPS on that girl to keep up with her! I guess it’s her turn to get back at me? Whatever it is, those girls born in June 2006 are somthin’ else.
Let’s hope they potty train easy too!

Comment by PollyS

I hope you got a picture of that sweet face sticking out between the stair rails! I remember what a great help the playpen could be. I put mine in there for 30 minutes twice a day starting at birth. Then they never fussed about being in it as they got older. So helpful!

Comment by distybug

i think you’re making that up :)… my tot goes balistic (sp?) if i try to “contain” her. i’m discovering more and more ways to pray about the next baby’s tempermant!

Comment by Sarah

Brag away, Momma…she is sure worth it with her insanely cute self.

Comment by Gayle

OK, thanks for the tip. Must buy playpen, must put baby in regularly. Got it!

Comment by Wendy

Yes! Daniel still does his “play time” for about an hour a day either in the pack-in-play or the crib. It’s for his safety and my sanity and everyone else’s… You’re right. If he’s not in there or asleep, it’s always, “where’s Daniel?? Who’s watching the baby??” He screams his brains out for about two minutes, and then is so happy looking at his books or playing with his cars… So worth it. How long can I keep it up though? Can a four year old still do pack-n-play time??? 🙂

Comment by Meg

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