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Works For Me Wednesday
February 27, 2008, 10:01 am
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I hate shopping.  But I hate running out of diapers worse.  About a year ago, my friend Caroline and I started splitting orders on because they are very competitively priced (usually cheaper!), you can get formula, wipes, and other baby supplies, when you spend over $50 shipping is FREE, and I can NOT believe how fast they are.  In fact, I just ordered diapers and wipes just now and the estimated day of arrival is Friday.  That’s right.  Free shipping and it will be here in 2 days.  You can even send in coupons for your favorite items and they will credit them to your account when you buy those orders. 
I also love the fact that you can get referral credits which we should all take advantage of!  When you use my code KIMA2284 you get $5 off your first purchase (that’s better than a coupon) and if you get referrals, every time THAT person orders you get $1! 
I just think is a great service that is convenient and reasonably priced, and I HIGHLY recommend it for those who need diapers, wipes, formula, and any other baby supplies. 

I should also mention that I go through and get 1% back on these purchases also!

And for other great tips, go visit Shannon.


Top ten reasons I’m not going to run away
February 26, 2008, 9:42 pm
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Ok, here’s the whiney bullet:  major thunderstorm last night kept the weather radio going all night.  That thing scares the crap out of me.  I really can’t think of a gentler, less crude but rightfully appropriate way to say it so I apologize if that’s offensive to you.  I’m tired.  I’m having nasty headaches again and I’m tired of it.  I’m feeling very hopeless over it.  I’m not looking for sympathy, but just a little blog fodder to make us all laugh.  I’m tired of laundry, screaming children (especially with the headaches), meal planning (ESPECIALLY that part!), and running all over the place. 
So please, laugh with me.  Again, not looking for sympathy, or God forbid, hugs.  Just looking for something to laugh about so here I humbly submit 10 reasons I choose to not run away:

10.  Because I don’t have enough pocket or purses to keep up with all the medicines I am on right now. 
9.  When anyone else changes the Bee’s diaper, it falls off.  I think they do this on purpose so I won’t ask them to do it. 
8.  Dave Ramsey didn’t put a line item in for "Running Away" therefore we don’t have an envelope for that. 
7.  It’s cold outside.  I hate being cold
6.  If it’s already this bad when I’m here, I can imagine it’d all go to heck even worse if I left. 
5.  I know it was supposed to be a year’s worth, but I’m already out of free Chickfila meals. 
4.  My sewing machine is heavy.  And I’m not leaving without it. 
3.  I’m afraid the laundry will revolt and drag me back.  That’s a nightmare I don’t wanna have.
2.  6 sweet sleeping faces who call me "mommy."  It’s nice and quiet when they sleep which reminds me of the many reasons I like love them
1.  I figure if he can stay, so can I.  God bless that man, I love him! 

It’s SOOo not fair
February 25, 2008, 5:35 pm
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I’m so tired of these words.  Everyone– EVERYONE– has a visceral response to hearing these words, no?   You either want to barf back, "LIFE’S NOT FAIR!" or some platitude.  Or you want to come back with some great theological debate about how we should be thankful that God is not "fair" because if He we were would only get what we deserve, etc.  Ad nauseum.
Well, it’s "Not Fair" time at the Grits House.  Early February, our school hands out those danged sheets so cheerfully designed to motivate our mini-scholars to read.  "Read Six Hours and Earn a Ticket To Six Flags!"  No pressure parents!  Who cares that you have to buy a ticket for yourselves or that you have other children who need tickets or that your kid will whine and gripe the whooollle time they are reading. 
My children despise reading.  This is of great grief to me, as I could sit with a book in the middle of Armegeddon.  I love to read.  Love, love, love it.  They hate to read.  And when they get those sheets, all they think is:  "Free ticket to Six Flags.  Must have."  For the rest of the week I get to hear whining and griping about how they actually have to read to earn this.  Not that they start reading, mind you.  Then I hear nothing until the day before it’s due.  Then all I hear for the next 24 hours is weeping and wailing and gnashing of teeth about how it’s SOOO not fair that they have to do this.  Then they spend the whole last day locked in their rooms only coming out to stare at you and whine about how they have FOUR hours left, again, ad nauseum.  Kill me now. 
Let me assure you, children.  You do NOT have to do this.  I just assume you don’t.  Because if one of you does it, then it’s not fair that the other child doesn’t get to go.  And if I break down and buy their ticket, then it’s not fair to you that he didn’t have to go through the torture of reading to go on this magical trip.   
The only person this whole deal is not "fair" to is the parents. 
And to boot, 2 years ago some of my kids "earned" this "free" (cough, cough) trip and I had the audacity to have a baby and thwart their plans.  Let me just bring up the fact that I never said I’d take them– they just assumed that a free ticket means they can do it.  Let’s just hope no one gives them a free ticket to the Playboy mansion.  Or to wrestle in an ultimate fighting fight.  Or maybe a free movie ticket to go see the Grudge in a Haunted House.  Or a free ticket to jump off a bridge. 
I hate these stupid "rewards." 
Now can I be petty and say that when I was a child, the reading was the reward?  Maybe that’s why I actually LIKE to read. 

And yet he’s still here
February 23, 2008, 8:20 pm
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In talking with some friends the other night I remembered the day many years ago I thought my marriage might end.  It was all because of Cassie, the transgender bunny.   Mr. Grits and I were still newlyweds and one lazy Saturday, he had been outside playing a rousing game of basketball with the other old married farts young men at the married student apartments where we lived.  He came in and laid lay down (you are welcome, mom) on the floor in the living room and started to take a little snooze when I, in my 18 year old maturity, thought I’d play a little joke on him.   I grabbed our baby girl boy bunny by the scruff of the neck and held her him it over his face. 
"Mr. Griiiitttssss!!!"  I chimed.  He opened his eyes, and what happened next I can only describe as happening in slow motion.  I saw his face instantly go from being startled, to shocked, to pure horror. 
Again, in excruciatingly slow motion…. "NOOoooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!" 
I began to laugh the laugh of a silly girl who pulled a funny until I saw why he was so disturbed.  Cassie evidently had a "sensitive stomach" so when the little precious was startled, its little bunny colon unlocked– unleashing a unhealthy, ahem, dump of its loose intestinal contents.   That is to say… Cassie had diarrhea all over Mr. Grits face… and within the orifice that was screaming in horror.   
It was on his face.  Up his nose.  In his mouth.  In his eyes.  In his hair.  All over his clothes.  All over the carpet. 
He jumped up in a fury.  (Slow-mo over at this point.  Think rage.)   
"SHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOTTTTTT!!!"  But he didn’t say "shoot." 
He fled for the shower, and I fled for cover.  I was sure he was going to hate me.  I don’t know why.  I ran to a neighbor’s house until he came to find me. I was sure he’d never forgive me for something so stupid that had had such horrific consequences, so I thought.  With time and perspective— and a shower– I realized that it wasn’t something so unforgiveable.   He didn’t laugh about it as quickly as everyone else did, and he never did quite take to Cassie again.
But he’s still around letting me torture him with my stupid pranks and jokes. 

And I even share this story with his permission.   

Gratitude and Providence
February 22, 2008, 10:02 am
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This morning after dropping 5 of my children off at school, Bee and I headed to the grocery store to do a little shopping.   When I walked in to the store, as always I looked around for the ad and all the little flyers with the coupons in them… but instead I saw one of the headlines of the local paper:  "Ruling helps parents’ case over baby’s remains:  Access granted to medical records of other St. Vincent’s patients."  Two things snatched my attention:  "baby’s remains" and "St. Vincent’s" as this is where I’ve had all 7 of mine.   As I quickly browsed the article I could feel the panic rising in my throat– This article was about parents who had had babies there before 20 weeks gestation and they obviously died or were born dead.  There is a weird period of time before 20 weeks of pregancy where a baby is delivered if it’s dead instead of doing a D&C like they would for an early miscarriage.  After 20 weeks, it’s considered a stillbirth and that requires the treatment that you would give any "viable" person who had died.  Funeral home, burial or cremation, etc.  But before 20 weeks you don’t have to do anything with the baby.  You can just leave it at the hospital with no instructions and walk away.  This has been my understanding with the reading I have done on the situation, limited as it is. 

Anyway, the article went on to say that some parents had left their baby at St. Vincent’s to be cremated and later got bills saying there had been an autopsy, pathology, etc. which they were responsible for.  They had not wanted any of that but were stuck with the bills.  In trying to clear it all up, they found out that their baby had been kept in something like a picnic cooler for possibly a number of years until they had enough babies collected to cremate together, "for feasibilty."  Obviously they were horrified.  Now there are lawsuits, investigations, broken hearts, and cries of "foul." 

What gripped me is the thought that this could have happened to my little baby.  He could have been the one sitting in a morgue picnic cooler, thrown in with other babies until the cooler was full and it was "feasible" to heat up the incinerator for a cremation.   As I pondered this, I walked around Publix stunned and horrified.  At the time I hadn’t known the whole story– only that it happened to babies under 20 weeks born at St. Vincent’s right around the time my John Knox was born. 

It’s a horrible thing.  I feel terrible for anyone who has to go through the horror of something like this.  In that window, it’s such a "gray area" for so many as what to do.  I am just so thankful for God’s providence in surrounding us with people who had walked in similar footsteps.  I would have never considered that a baby that young should have been buried in a cemetery had it not been for Kent.  I wouldn’t have known about the kind people at the funeral home who made me cry when they described how they would carefully and tenderly put my baby to rest if it hadn’t been for Nancy.  I wouldn’t have known there was a sweet little old man who was willing to offer a "small spot for such a small coffin" if it weren’t for Caroline’s faithful search.   God in His providence protected us, once again, from having to endure an impossibly painful situation made worse had we just "walked away."  We have always been grateful and thankful that we have that wee spot we can go.  We don’t go often, but gratefully we know we have treated this Image-bearer with the respect he deserved for his little life.  I’m so thankful to my sweet friends who helped with hard things in hard times, even though it was painful for them.  We rest in the fact that John Knox is in heaven, but we are at peace with the rest his small frame has on this earth too. 

Somebody help me!
February 21, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Oh mercy, I need to hash this with someone!  We just watched Lost….
WHY does Kate have Aaron?  Why is she passing him off as hers?  Where is Claire?  Why doesn’t Jack want to see him?  Is Aaron considered one of the Oceanic 6?  What happened?  How on earth?  What is going on?  HOW could she pass him off as hers?  Does this have to do with the "time contineum" issue they keep alluding to?  Her mom said "For 4 years they have been giving me 6 months…" so has Kate been gone 4 years? 
WHAT ON EARTH?  I don’t know if I have ever been so stunned at the end of a flippin’ TELEVISION show!!!!!!!!!! 

When it rains
February 21, 2008, 6:42 pm
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It’s one of those days where nothing happens that it’s not a problem. 

Old Betty was about to be a thing of the past as my new screen for my beloved laptop (who needs a name) is in.   Mark was going to install it for me and of all things the cord for the plug was too short.  Drat. 

I got some weird bill from my insurance company today that my neurologist is all of a sudden "out of network."  You know what that means.  I spent the afternoon on the phone trying to figure it all out. 

The 2 younger boys are finishing up all the thingies to advance their badges in Scouts.  I think that’s how you say it.  I didn’t grow up in a scout family so I don’t know all the technical terms.  But I DO know that as a requirement, we had to do a family fire drill today and let’s just say that Sugie was less that thrilled with this idea.  We talked about what we would do in case of one, and the kids were to go to the little girls’ room and grab them and take them out the nearest clear exit.  Well, Sug decides the sound of the smoke detector is scary so I let her stand nearby as I press it to alert the "sleeping" kids of the "danger."   They all ran to the door, leaving her with me.  I told them, "GREAT JOB!  Except now your 4 year old sister is DEAD because you left her in a house that was on fire!  Let’s do it again!!!"  So everyone goes back.   I press the alarm again and they scramble to their stations.  This time I tell them, "GRAB SUGIE!"   She’s screaming and throwing herself down on the ground.  "PICK HER UP!  SHE’S SCARED AND THIS IS WHAT SHE WOULD REALLY DO IN A FIRE!!!!!!"  So she is kicking and screaming and hollering and Sister grabs her (she almost weighs as much) and I’m shouting after her, "GO TO THE DOOR!  RUN!  THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!"  Sug is scared to pieces and grabbing at the railing and panicking and crying… and I’m just screaming at them to get OUT!  The other children are laughing and are at the door by now… but I made my point with them.  In a fire, she would be panicked and scared and insane and crying.   It doesn’t matter.  They have to do whatever it takes to rescue a sibling no matter what. 
If you would like to contribute to her therapy fund, let me know and I’ll get right on that. 

And of all things, with lots and lots of rain,  Jojo says, "MOM the ceiling is leaking!"  And sure enough, he had found a nearly steady-streaming drip from one of the dormers right into the living room on to the hardwoods.   

It really does pour when it rains….