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So perfect I can’t believe it actually happened…
February 2, 2008, 7:36 pm
Filed under: Life

Today I had the privilege of taking part of a dinner to a friend’s house and as I was standing around talking to her mom, the granddaughter (my friend’s daughter) walked in.  She’s four and was wearing her "ruby red slippers."  She had spent the afternoon with her cousins and you could tell the had been at it, playing hard. 
The grandmother said, "Why on earth are you wearing those shoes?" and then to me, "She has been outside playing baseball all day." 
To which I replied….

"What better shoes to wear when you are playing baseball!  There’s no place like home!" 

Yeah, I know… I couldn’t believe it either… She set me up for that one. 

One for me! 

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Quick thinking…I’m impressed.

Comment by caroline

HA!!! ok, yeah one for you…

Comment by katie

Whoo Hoo!! Man that was a good one! You are right, couldn’t pass THAT up!

Comment by MaryLu

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