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February 5, 2008, 11:33 am
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The sweetness of motherhood is fleeting, don’t you think?  One day you have this etherial image of you holding your sweet smelling newborn in a flowing gown; the next thing you know you are chasing a snotty toddler with a poopy diaper who is wearing his pj’s for the 2nd day in a row.  Sounds like either a commercial for Luvs or a "Life Comes At You Fast" Nationwide commercial, huh? 
It’s so true.  The "Hallmark" moments of motherhood are few and far between.  I want to remember the good and the bad.  The good ones are gravy; the bad ones are stepping stones and we can look back and shake our heads and laugh. 
Yesterday I had just a plain ol’ sweet time with my 4 year old Sugie who is wrapping up her K4 year with legendary Mrs. Tabony.  We took our traditional field trip to a local cookie company that has a train in it just for tours like we took yesterday.  It’s a great trip for little ones, as it’s no more than 15 minutes or so to tour the plant and as you ride they give you a cup full of fresh, warm cookies.  Sugie had looked forward to this trip for a while– her older siblings had been and it was a milestone for her.  And she got cookies. 
Sugie was so excited about the whole trip that she kept looking knowingly at me and smiling this goofy grin, as if to say, "This is it, mom.  The day I have been waiting for!!!"  As we walked in she could barely contain herself.  She skipped and smiled and giggled, and the magic in her eyes was unmistakeable.  For a cookie factory.  This thrilled her.  Which thrilled me to see her so happy about something so simple. 
We boarded the little train and she kicked her legs as she sat in her seat with anticipation, and as I looked over at her, her face was all red and tears were rolling down her smiling cheeks.  She was so happy, she was crying.  My mama’s heart just melted for my sweet girl.  I was thrilled with her. 
I’m so happy to have a wee girl who gets thrilled over train rides in cookie factories.  She has so much to look forward to.  I am equally as thrilled to watch her joy and share in it as she tastes the good things of this life that God has blessed us with. 
My cup runneth over…


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awwwwwww!! Love that girl!!
You just keep on touching my heart, dear friend… if I lived closer, I’d give you a big ‘ole HUG!!

(Not really! Stop freaking out.)


Comment by Meg

Yep, that post is a huggable offense! Sorry…
You know, I think about remembering the good and pushing the bad to the back of my memory. My MIL does that with her 5 children. She still tells everyone that my husband NEVER, ever cried. He was PERFECT. At this point, her sister and my FIL will just roll their eyes. They remember the screaming and tantrums. But not her. It’s all Hallmark, all the time in her little world.
That’s not exactly a bad thing, is it?

Comment by PollyS

What a sweet story and memory. It brought tears to my eyes reading it. I love those days that seem to be out of a Hallmark card. Without the chaos we would not be able to enjoy the Hallmark days as much.

Comment by Rebecca

I think her face needs to be the next face of the cookie company….”Sugie’s Best Cookies” they will bring tears to your eyes and a smile on your face.


Comment by caroline

How precious!! I’m always the one tearing up NOT Amy! It was a fun trip. That Sugie is too cute!

Comment by kent

How precious!! I’m always the one tearing up NOT Amy! It was a fun trip. That Sugie is too cute!

Comment by kent

Awww, Kim…that is just the sweetest thing, girl. I would have been bawling my head off, too. Precious girl.

Comment by Gayle

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