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Down with Valentine’s Day
February 14, 2008, 3:16 pm
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Don’t feel sorry for me because I’m whipped over my husband.

It’s ok.  Really. 

If as a girl I had a checklist type form to fill out to "order" the husband I thought I wanted, I’d have been cheated on this good thing.  It wouldn’t have been Mr. Grits, that’s for sure.  This guy that has captured my heart really knows me.  "We" aren’t perfect… there are the disagreements and the misunderstandings.  But he knows that I adore him.  And I know he adores me.  Neither of us take the other for granted.  We work hard and do nice things for each other; we serve each other even when we don’t feel like it;  we say "Thank you" to each other many times a day. 

It’s for this reason that Valentine’s day annoys me.  Whose great idea was it to take the spontaneity out of love?  I read something recently that said, to the effect, that if you have love you celebrate it every day.  If you don’t and you expect to feel it with flowers or jewelry or chocolate, etc.  on February 14th, you will be woefully disappointed.  I’d be annoyed if my sweetheart showed up with some marketed, packaged Valentine’s gift for me.  I just assume the holiday not be on the calendar.  He gets stuck with the fact that I really don’t want "stuff" this day; yet if he doesn’t succumb he will be seen as a heel by folks who just don’t get it.   Not that he really cares what people think, but he doesn’t want me to be seen as "unloved" or "not loved well."  I am.  I promise. 

He loves me every day–  by picking up pizza when I’m stressed out; by ignoring the fact that he hasn’t had clean socks in 3 days and digging through the pile wordlessly; by slipping me some cash and telling me to get outta dodge with friends; by protecting and providing for our family in so many ways; by helping me with the dishes.

This morning as the kids scavenged some cold cereal and I sleepily stumbled into the dining room to wish them all a happy Valentine’s day (because they just don’t get it yet), Mr. Grits put a bag on the table– obviously meant for me.  What was inside?  A heart shaped box with fruit-nougat chocolates?  No… Expensive perfume that would only serve to give me another migraine?  No…  Jewelry that we can’t afford and I wouldn’t wear?  No…

This man gave me a gift that reflects that he knows me.  That his wife drinks more tea in a day than she should.  That she has adored her time in the Scottish countryside.  That she would be appalled if he had spent tons of money (the store wrapped it with the price tag still on, LOL).   If my battery for my camera wasn’t dead, I’d snap a picture…
Any guesses?  😉

I love you, Mr. Grits.  Forget February 14th.  Everyday with you is Valentine’s day! 

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Ok yeah I know that Mr Grits loves you – heck he has put up with you through all those pregnancies. And we know how much you like to whine when you say.. don’t go into labor when the little one is due hahaha…

But it is totally cruel to have me read a love post of your man and get to the bottom and you don’t tell me what it is! Well I adore tea too and am drinking Vanilla Caramel right now so I am guessing he got you a Scottish Tea Pot?? or do you call it a Tea Kettle? And you are an Ice tea drinker – ok you are a little weird.. but then you know that when it is near zero for half the year ya just gotta drink it hot!

Happy Valentine’s Day my friend 🙂 You are one blessed woman and Mr. Grits is one blessed man 🙂

Comment by Angie

Happy Valentines Day!!

Great post!

Comment by Jennifer

brewing some Earl Grey just now and thinking ’bout ya! (You know, though, that chocolate wouldn’t be so bad either!)

Comment by Meg

Scottish tea?!!!!

Comment by Dorian

Meg beat me to it, my guess was Scottish tea?
Don’t leave us hanging girlfriend!

Comment by MaryLu

Ok, first let me say I’m mad that you didn’t tell us the gift…what’s up with that. Now for the rest of it…Amen sister!
Scott and I have never done the “standard” holiday stuff. We love each other all year (the way it’s supposed to be!) I don’t like those pre-packaged gifts either. Give me a hand-written love note every few years and I’m good to go. Scott has always loved that I’m “low maintenance”…not into expensive jewelry, new cards, etc. And I love that he provides for me, supports me, and we can TOTALLY trust one another. THAT my friend is a true gift. I love ya’ll and “Happy Friday!” ha ha

Comment by Wendy

My first guess was Scottish shortbread…
Give him a big squeeze!

Comment by totallyscrappy

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