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I survived
February 20, 2008, 4:06 pm
Filed under: Life

Ok, so, um, physical therapy. 
Not a massage thing, thankfully.



The only touching was "diagnostic" I suppose you could say.  I liked that he used a big ol’ plastic skeleton spine and showed me all the physiological reasons he did everything he did.  Loved that. 

Lots of exercises.  Lots of stretching.  He did some heated wand ultrasound thingie.  And this space age electrode thing that shot electricity in my muscles while I had a giant hot pad wrapped around my neck.  I almost fell asleep there. 

I have to go back. 

But I wanted you to know I survived all the touching.  Because there just wasn’t much. 

Disappointed?  😉

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Oh, what a relief! It actually sounds wonderful! I’d like a giant heating pad to wrap around my belly and back.

p.s. exercise and stretching… good things!

Comment by Meg

I am so glad it wasn’t bad for you. I hope it is the answer to getting rid of those headaches!!

Comment by kent

gritting my teeth just thinking about it. i think i would need a pill…

Comment by kimmy

Good girl!!! Sounds like you did great!!!

Comment by Dorian

I’m a little disappointed….I figured you’d be so grossed out by some guy touching your neck that you’d have to go home and hop in the shower….oh wait….that would gross you out as well. Heeheehee….just kidding.

Comment by penny

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