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Somebody help me!
February 21, 2008, 9:51 pm
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Oh mercy, I need to hash this with someone!  We just watched Lost….
WHY does Kate have Aaron?  Why is she passing him off as hers?  Where is Claire?  Why doesn’t Jack want to see him?  Is Aaron considered one of the Oceanic 6?  What happened?  How on earth?  What is going on?  HOW could she pass him off as hers?  Does this have to do with the "time contineum" issue they keep alluding to?  Her mom said "For 4 years they have been giving me 6 months…" so has Kate been gone 4 years? 
WHAT ON EARTH?  I don’t know if I have ever been so stunned at the end of a flippin’ TELEVISION show!!!!!!!!!! 


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Don’t watch it! Glad I don’t–sounds complicated and stressful. I get enough of that in my real life.

Comment by kent

I’m with ya!! We watch it late b/c Jeph is at class on Thursdays and Locke creeps me out too much to watch alone 🙂 YES- to all that you said! Why?? If Aaron and Claire are separated, I hope it is by her death, not something bad/weird that Kate did. Jeph and I have talked about having a LOST party with other fellow watchers, but never have because we think there would be too much talking 😉

Comment by Heidi

Oh I know- what a shocker! Such crazy stuff going on. I can’t believe only 6 made it off the island!! My hubby thinks they are all still alive, just still on the island cause Jack kept saying they have to go back, they have to go back!

Comment by Saph -Walk With Me

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