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When it rains
February 21, 2008, 6:42 pm
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It’s one of those days where nothing happens that it’s not a problem. 

Old Betty was about to be a thing of the past as my new screen for my beloved laptop (who needs a name) is in.   Mark was going to install it for me and of all things the cord for the plug was too short.  Drat. 

I got some weird bill from my insurance company today that my neurologist is all of a sudden "out of network."  You know what that means.  I spent the afternoon on the phone trying to figure it all out. 

The 2 younger boys are finishing up all the thingies to advance their badges in Scouts.  I think that’s how you say it.  I didn’t grow up in a scout family so I don’t know all the technical terms.  But I DO know that as a requirement, we had to do a family fire drill today and let’s just say that Sugie was less that thrilled with this idea.  We talked about what we would do in case of one, and the kids were to go to the little girls’ room and grab them and take them out the nearest clear exit.  Well, Sug decides the sound of the smoke detector is scary so I let her stand nearby as I press it to alert the "sleeping" kids of the "danger."   They all ran to the door, leaving her with me.  I told them, "GREAT JOB!  Except now your 4 year old sister is DEAD because you left her in a house that was on fire!  Let’s do it again!!!"  So everyone goes back.   I press the alarm again and they scramble to their stations.  This time I tell them, "GRAB SUGIE!"   She’s screaming and throwing herself down on the ground.  "PICK HER UP!  SHE’S SCARED AND THIS IS WHAT SHE WOULD REALLY DO IN A FIRE!!!!!!"  So she is kicking and screaming and hollering and Sister grabs her (she almost weighs as much) and I’m shouting after her, "GO TO THE DOOR!  RUN!  THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE!!!"  Sug is scared to pieces and grabbing at the railing and panicking and crying… and I’m just screaming at them to get OUT!  The other children are laughing and are at the door by now… but I made my point with them.  In a fire, she would be panicked and scared and insane and crying.   It doesn’t matter.  They have to do whatever it takes to rescue a sibling no matter what. 
If you would like to contribute to her therapy fund, let me know and I’ll get right on that. 

And of all things, with lots and lots of rain,  Jojo says, "MOM the ceiling is leaking!"  And sure enough, he had found a nearly steady-streaming drip from one of the dormers right into the living room on to the hardwoods.   

It really does pour when it rains….

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That is hysterical!! Poor Sugie. I sure hope we do not have a drill at MDO or in Sunday school! We need to do a fire drill around here. Sorry about the leak! Glad it was somewhere obvious so you do not get damage that you do not know about! Just trying to be positive!

Comment by kent

Yeah, yeah, fire drills, Sugie…what about your headaches?

Comment by distybug

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