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Because I need an excuse to not be productive
March 7, 2008, 10:00 am
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So have you seen where everyone is taking pictures of their dishes and posting them? Great fun.  Well, only if you just are avoiding important things.  But anyhow, I’m doing that today (avoiding important things) so here for your green-eyed monster’s pleasure are
The Grits Family Dishes! 

Our everyday wear:
Dsc01288 From the finest plastic known to China brought to you from your local dollar store, and Tupperware cups that are older than I am. 
Be jealous. 
But know that I lock these in my gun safe and you will never get to them. 

Next you have our fine dinner dishes.   Yes, we actually eat on these for dinner.  Wait, make that just Mr. Grits and I as there aren’t enough for our whole family.  The kids eat on the above dishes.  But then, we are just fancy that way.  Notice the mismatched silverware.  Our kids didn’t realize early in their lives that when you eat yogurt that you don’t throw the spoon away with the yogurt container. 


Note the complementary salad bowl in the well known but very rare "Shrek" pattern:

Seriously got those and some Tony The Tiger ones free from the produce man at Publix, and since they are really big we use them a lot.  Sad, we are.   

Lastly, we do have a set of dishes that sit in the Holy of Holies china cabinet.  These were my great-grandmother’s dishes.  We do use them maybe once or twice a year.  They are handwash because the gold does come off.  I really do love these beautiful, classic dishes.  I wanted to register for more (I have eight) for my wedding but at $200 a place setting at the time, I couldn’t.  So the "brilliant" minimum-wage cashier bridal consultant told me to register for something that looked close.  Then when people bought them, I could cash them in and "go shopping for things I really wanted."  Being the epitome of maturity at 18, I shared my evil plan with a friend of mine at a bridal tea.  Bad idea.  She had just brought, with her mom, a portion of a place setting of the china I was going to cash in. 
Still reeling from that one. 
Anyway, here’s my "Big Granny’s" dishes.  Remind me to share her amazing chicken salad recipe sometime.  You will thank me.  And remind me to tell you how she and her husband had a small part in mentoring Billy Graham early in his ministry around the dining room table I know have. 
Never mind.  I just did. 
Here’s her dishes:



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What a beautiful legacy from your Big Granny.

Comment by Beth

You and I have some of the same style. I have some Shrek glasses from McDonald’s that would go perfect with your salad bowl! Let me know if you want to borrow them when you have a fancy dinner party ;)!

Comment by Becca Mae

Oh ouch! Open mouth–insert entire 8 piece place setting!
The gold looks just like my mother’s, is it Noritake?
Fond memories of Thanksgiving and Christmas when mom would pull it out of the Holy of Holies, I mean china cabinet!
Too funny!

Comment by MaryLu

Lov’em ALL…well except the Skrek I am just NOT a fan.

Comment by Andrea

see I can’t even spell that dumb monster’s name…

Comment by Andrea

OK, I so wish I knew how to post a picture …you would see our VERY special everyday plates that consist of 3 Ronald Mcdonald plastic plates (got for $1.00 and LOVE them), some pink/blue/green cute Target plastic plates, and the old “don’t know where they came from can’t live without mismatched plates!” (And you thought YOU were fancy!) We can’t live without our plastic plates and plastic Auburn cups! 🙂

Comment by Wendy

Grandma’s is really pretty! Love the gold border.

Comment by distybug

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