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Here I am (not) to worship
March 9, 2008, 11:11 am
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It’s a conspiracy. 

I think I have been to Sunday morning worship maybe TWICE in 2008.  I honestly think it’s just once, but I didn’t want to exaggerate to make a point. 

After succumbing to multiple weeks of kids’ booger-noses, sickness for me and Mr. Grits,  soccer, and nursery duty we just have never made it.  Mostly because of the sickness.  Once because of soccer.   (Forgive us but it just doesn’t happen a lot– it just happened this last month.)

Today Mr. Grits left early with half of the kids and I was going to bring half later (long story.)  As we got in the car, still waiting for one who was looking for his shoes, I tried to crank it and it wouldn’t budge.  Dead battery. 

I called Mr. Grits phone, and very wisely it went to voicemail.  I called the church and got a friend to find him.  "We will see you after church then.  You can just watch it online."  It was too close to starting time for him to come home and get us. 

So I unload everyone, including the child who had found his nice Lands’ End school shoes under the trash on the back porch, and came up to start up the service online. 

And for the 3rd time in a row when I have tried to utilize this, it never pulled up.  I’m still waiting.  Not that I could do it on Betty-who-doesn’t-have-a-sound-card.  I used Mr. Grits’ computer that actually has sound.  And a monitor bigger than a postage stamp. 

Oh well.  I think I’ll go put on some sweats and watch the Pride and Prejudice I DVR’d last night.  Can’t say I didn’t try to do church today!


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We watched it online..well just me and Bailey, but I was so comfy in my PJ’s and on the couch that I fell fast asleep. (I was up very late!)
The part I did hear was great!!!

Comment by Andrea

If Andrea can see it why can’t you?! Weird!!

Comment by caroline

We missed today too! The nasty cold bug is sweeping (roughly) through our house again. It came on quickly yesterday afternoon and Olivia, Grant and I were piled in the bed this morning watching Toy Story (too much sleep deprivation and achiness to sit around the computer and retain anything) while Jeph went to teach SS. But, I have watched online recently and it was acting a little funky then.

Comment by Heidi

That sounds like my month! I’m hoping it changed with the time change!

Have a great week,

Comment by Jenny

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