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March 12, 2008, 3:05 pm
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The headache monsters are stealing my creative braincells again.  All the remaining braincells are smeared all over tuition worksheets, check request forms, payment schedules, and deposit slips.  To begin with. 

Friday I start working at the school one day a week.  I’m hoping with a block of concentrated time I can spend less time at home obsessing over the work to be done.  We shall see. 

Let’s see.  A quick funny story so I don’t run you off…
A minute ago, Poo comes in and asks if I’d like him to turn the light on.  No thanks, I’m sitting by a window.
"It’s a good thing St. Patrick invented light bulbs!" 
Huh?  Don’t you mean… Thomas….?
"Oh yea… DUH… Thomas Jefferson…" 
Yeah.  Pretty sure he’s the one. 

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Wow….the things they learn in school these days!

Comment by penny

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