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Blame shiftin’
March 14, 2008, 11:14 pm
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Because I don’t have enough to do, the devil Caroline made me do it sent me a link to square foot gardening.   (Officially the most links in one sentence.)  I have this great need to nurture which can no longer be fulfilled in being pregnant and giving birth due to the fact, that, well, let’s just say that the Alabama soil is more fertile than Mr. Grits and I cumulatively are now.   I want to grow something and I can’t.  So when Caroline sent me this link, at first I thought, "Pshaw, no thanks.  I don’t have the time, the money, and I’ll kill it all."  But then I evidently had a progesterone surge and found myself waking out of a coma-like state in the lumber department of Lowe’s saying, "Yes, I’ll take the 4×10’s if you can cut them in 4 foot sections." 
Next thing I knew, they were being loaded in the back of my car. 
When I tried to explain this to Mr. Grits, he just looked through me.  I think he was wondering if there was an envelope for that.  I’m pretty sure that if I grow vegetables it can come from groceries.  Right? 
Tomorrow, Jojo and I will attempt to put the box together and then I’ll go get the fill for the box and get it set up.  We had a garden that Mr. Grits poured blood into (figuratively, of course, ahem) and it didn’t get enough sun which caused him to cry and beat his head against a wall and beat his fists against the air in an angry jesture.  I really don’t know where this one will go, but I’m also feeling very inspired by MaryLu and love her boxes too. 
I wish someone would let me borrow their green thumb.  Then I could shift the blame off of Caroline and take some credit for myself!   No wait, I know I’m no good at this.   It would definately be a glory-to-God thing!!!!!


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Excuse me? My name next to and accompanied by SATAN is a tiny bit disturbing.

Then you make your sweet hubby sound like a raging lunatic…..

You have *issues* my friend…ISSUES


Comment by caroline

The above comment was meant to be funny but when I reread it I thought someone might think I was REALLY upset.


This is GRITS we are talking about.

She can take it.

Comment by caroline

thanks for this link… we’ve been talking about trying this!!

Comment by Meg

Wow, I’ve inspired someone! I wanna see your boxes too.

Comment by MaryLu

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