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Cast Iron Skillets
March 20, 2008, 1:07 pm
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Seriously, I can NOT believe the people who have come up with emails to me that don’t have skillets.  Here’s what I wrote to one friend:

do YOU not have one???

I hardly use my regular pots and pans. I
have 2 sizes of skillets (a small like for a couple of eggs and a relatively
large one too) and a dutch oven that is AMAZING for roasts. You can brown your roast on the stovetop,
pour in your liquids, put on the lid, pop it in the oven to cook. 

to boot,  a GIANT skillet all seasoned up
and sprinkled with cornmeal you can use as a deep dish pizza pan which is out
of this world. 

to even BEGIN to mention REAL CORNBREAD.  You know it’s cooked in a HOT skillet.

how do you brown meat? 

you KNOW that cooking in an iron skillet adds iron to your diet? 

When you get an iron skillet, it’s important to wash it with HOT water, then rub it down with vegetable oil and heat it up in the oven for a bit.  (Instructions are actually ON the pan when you buy it.) 

People, go out and buy a skillet.  They are inexpensive.   You will love them.   They will help make you a better southern woman person.

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I have 5 iron skillets. Ranging from extra small for eggs to extra large for spaghetti or chili. I have one skillet for corn bread and one for bacon. Yum-O! I think an iron skillet is a must!

Comment by Rebecca

Um… I didn’t mention it after I read your last post b/c I was in a hurry… but I don’t have an iron skillet. I’m a little afraid of them to be honost. I did spend a few years in Ohio, though, and married a NY man.

I really, really do need more iron in my life, though!!

Comment by Meg

Two iron skillets…one newish (bought 10 years ago) and one was my hubby’s grandmothers (my favorite treasure)

I can’t cook without them.

Comment by caroline

It won’t surprise you to know that I have an iron skillet and a dutch oven! I agree that the stuff they call cornbread can’t really even be compared to that which is made in a preheated-with-grease-and-cornmeal skillet. Yum…makes me want to go make some right now.

Comment by distybug

You’re making me crave my grandpa’s cornbread!!! Stop! It’s not southbeach!
J/K…..I have a skillet but I rarely use it, unless I’m making cornbread or the best peach cobbler in the world! I just forget to use it….I’ll drag it out of the cabinet today. Thanks for all the good skillet tips!

Comment by penny

You know I am a GRITS Girl but I do not have a skillet! I know you are saying WHAT???

I have a good excuse. My parents are both from Vermont and New Hampshire and so I was not raised with Southern Cooking. I had to just pick it up on my own. I guess I will have to go get one and you can share all your recipes

Comment by Jennifer

Are you talkin’ to ME?!? 😉

Comment by Kristi

Wow, I really didn’t know that cast iron skillet cornbread was such a wide spread southern thing. I guess I just thought it was my mother in law’s secret recipe.
Oh, it is so good! crunchy outside, warm and soft inside, steaming from the pan. Oh, the diet-ruining goodness of it all!

Comment by MaryLu

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