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She’s alive!!!!!!!!
March 31, 2008, 10:19 pm
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I survived!  I am all in one exhausted lump back home from an amazing experience on so many levels.  But let’s take a look back and see what God has done…

  • I was appropriately packed for the whole trip, including shoes and mucking boots for the swamp.  You heard me. 
  • I felt sufficiently rested the whole trip and even got some sleep while I was there.  Heck, by the last night it was all I could do to wake UP the next morning!
  • The first day, I wore my glasses but my dear friend, Pam, came to my rescue with the little sunglass-clippy things that go on your regular glasses.  I had attempted to buy some but my coke-bottom glasses are so thick that I could find any that would fit.  Hers did.  After the first day, I attempted my contacts with fear and trepidation and never had a moment’s trouble.  It made all the difference for me! 
  • Now this is weird.  I didn’t have a headache the whole time I was there, but Wednesday night we are sitting in our nightly devotional time when I thought to myself, "I can’t see!"  I realized I was actually having an ocular migraine.   This is something that I started having when I was pregnant with Bee when I began having toxemia symptoms.  I totally flipped out, with a full-blown freak-attack and ran to my room and called Mr. Grits and bawled my eyes out, asking him to pray.  See, a number of times I have had these they have preceded a full-blown "nuclear" migraine.  I was terrified that my head was about to explode.   God was faithful and merciful.  It never developed.  I popped some pills and put myself to bed.  I got up an hour or so later and just as in the past, I just felt as if I’d been run over by a train.  Same thing the next morning, just like I had run a marathon.  Darndest thing. 
  • I left and my house was still a wreck… but I came back to a clean house.  Did I mention my husband ROCKS?!?!  Clean laundry too.  Be jealous.  It’s ok. 
  • I somehow managed to make cupcakes for Sugie’s class and have them at school for her.  We celebrated her 5th birthday with our family and she was thrilled with her wee gifts from us– just a Webkinz and a waterbottle with her name on it.  Yeah, we are big gift-givers that way. 
  • The haircut didn’t happen but somehow the beach air was kind to my hair and just the fact that we all looked bedraggled made it ok. 
  • Sister did great.  She wound up staying home Wednesday too but came back Thursday and is almost completely caught up with her work.  She’s back to her chip-eating self.

As far at the trip…. what can I say?  It was amazing.   I learned so much– about our state capital, our state history,  marine biology, coastal oceanograpahy, plankton, salt marshes, and the creatures in our very own gulf.  Here are some picture highlights:
We got our picture made with long-time family friend and local senator (not including name to avoid searches).   Mr. Grits and I had him as our teacher in high school and we loved his "Liberty Club" that he sponsored!  Just after this picture, he asked Jojo to consider throwing his name in the hat to page for him next summer!  We’re praying about that.

(picture was here!) 

Ok, I know this is a communication’s flag on board the USS Alabama looking off towards Mobile, but it sure looks like a St. Andrew’s Cross to me!

Look!  I’m holding a baby squid!  Did you know they have a bone-like structure up their middle called a "quill" and that they actually have a beak?  Also, the colored dots are called chromatophores.  Betcha didn’t know that!  (or care!  haha!)

It was thrilling to have lots of DOLPHINS next to our boat!  They are very difficult to photograph, FYI…

The next day, it was coastal oceanography!  In groups of 4, they did 3 readings of waves measuring crests, troughs, length, and frequency over 1 minute– each at 5m increments.  Got that?  Neither did they.  They had to go back out THREE times in the 65 degree water.  I sat this one out.  Brr.  It was cold sitting on the beach in a blanket.  I felt sorry for the boys that had no body fat! 

FYI, if you are going to be mucking about in a salt marsh searching for crabs and snails and grass shrimp, it’s good to be stylin’ in your cool boots.  These weren’t mine, but most of the girls were cuties in their booties.  Heh heh heh. 

Extreme close-up of a shy guy.  Playing with the macro lens. 

And of course, here is an embarrassing picture for our logic school principal and one of our teachers.  They aren’t kissing a gopher.  It’s a rat.  Yup.  Actually a nutria.  The largest rat.  A rodent of unusual size. 

And finally, one last extreme close up.  I thought it was purdy…. On the beach of Dauphin Island, outside the Estuarium.


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YAY!!! I am so glad you had a great time even with that close call and all…God is so good!

The pics are great too!

BTW, Your bloggy friends missed you:-)

Comment by Andrea

How cool!

Loved all the pics.

Comment by caroline

Praise God for answered prayer!!
So glad you had a great time. 🙂 Love the pictures

Comment by Meg

So glad you had such a good time and are back safely! We did all miss reading your stuff! Did you know there are a few restaurants (if you can call them that) in Lousiana with nutria on the menu?? ughhhh

Comment by Heidi

Loved all the cool pictures! Where are the ones at Oakley?(southern mansion tour?) Did yall do that or did Pam manage to knock that off the list? I loved it BEST–especially all the southern trivia and books and the courting candle that I got there. Glad yall had a great trip!

Comment by kent

Makes me look forward to taking my girls someday….like in 6 more years…..
So glad you had fun!!!! Your husband really rocks for cleaning the house and laundry. In fact, I ran into him at Bruno’s one day buying detergent and other stuff and he looked like he was having fun with your two youngest!!!
I’m sure your whole family is glad to have you back!!!!

Comment by penny

LOVED all the pictures! I would love to do all that with Ty. Is Pam the one in charge of pulling this trip together?
Glad that you had a great time and that the headache was not as horrible as it could have been.

Comment by Gayle

glad you got to wear your contacts while you were there. i would be totally lost without mine and it might even put a damper on things for me. i have been known to borrow a carseat and trek across town to pick up my contacts the very second they came in when i’ve had to wait 3 days for a new pair. i HATE wearing my glasses!

Comment by sarah

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