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I’m a safety girl
April 8, 2008, 8:12 am
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(Name that movie!!!)

Ok, well I just wanted to say a couple things I’ve been thinking about about blog safety.  I’ve heard some of my friends talking about this and I thought I’d express my thoughts on the subject.  Takem or leavem!

As much info as we put on blogs about our families, it would be easy for someone to start a database, if they were so sickly inclined, to find out about our lives.  If I put where my sons play soccer; what cities they would be playing in especially ahead of time; where we go to church; where my kids go to school; our specific hometown; their names; my husband’s name; our last name.  All this information, even tidbits at a time, could be collected and compounded to find out much more about this family than I’m comfortable sharing publically.  So far, 100% of the folks I’ve "met" on the internet have seemed really nice… but I have only met in real life about 6 of the ones I have EVER met online.  Some of you are freaking out as I type that– YOU HAVE MET PEOPLE IN REAL LIFE FROM THE INTERNET?  But, yes, I have.   So what if the young mom in another state who started emailing me from my blog wanting to know about raising toddlers one day wants more and more information… and next thing you know we are meeting, and it’s a really a man for heaven’s sake. 
Or what if I post pictures of my baby in her sweet birthday suit and find out in years to come that a pedophile has hacked them and has used them for his own sick, evil, twisted pleasures.   
Or what if I talk about my son’s team and where we’ll be playing and what we’ll be doing and here’s what he looks like and this is his name and this is his number… and next thing I know  "Uncle Joe" who he’d never heard of but knew everything about our  family when asked offered to give him a ride home and he’s never seen again. 
I’ve gotton lenient about some things.  I’m taking down a picture or two that those that check frequently have seen and now can come down.  No biggie.

One thing I have to be careful of, because everyone that knows me knows I’m an open book– be careful that you never write something about your spouse or child that would hurt or embarrass or degrade them.  I’ve thought that I need to review mine and be sure there’s nothing here that I’ve put that I don’t have permission to put out there.  My kids know where my blog is; they just think it’s boring.  🙂 

I just want to encourage you to think about what you blog about.  If you want to do a personal blog, great!  Make it private, and by invitation or password only.  By golly, I have one but you will never find it.  And be careful about linking to the blogs of others who have private blogs if you have a public blog.  I’m taking down the links to all blogs of my friends, just in case.  We don’t need to unwittingly expose each other.  Some people don’t want their stuff to be read by anyone other than who they send a link to.  Don’t post it if you don’t have permission. 

And lastly, be real careful about putting specific words, especially your city, church, school, daycare, or work name in your blog.  Unsavory people can google this information and find your blog and use your information in ways you would not dream of.

Can you tell that the other night I had a dream that someone posted the name "Reformed Grits" in their post and linked it to my church website??  I was horrified!  I’m feeling a little paranoid!


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Pretty Woman!
That was the movie…do I get something for that?

Anyway….I totally agree with all you said. This time last year I got a little anxious and changed my blog address.

I hate that we have such evil people in the world.

Comment by caroline

Good advice and good tips! Thanks for sharing. And, I knew that it was pretty woman too!!! So, I should get second prize…..

Comment by penny

I can’t believe I didn’t remember Pretty Woman and that is my favorite movie!
That’s for the convincing to make my lazy be hind change my address!

Comment by Andrea

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