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In his own skin
April 10, 2008, 10:12 pm
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A week from Saturday, I will be the mom of a teenager.  How can that be?  It’s just not possible– I’m too young!  Yeah right. 
I am really enjoying this stage in his life and the way this kid is so comfortable being who he is. 
For instance, everyone who knows him knows that he is about a foot shorter than everyone in his class.   His best friend weighs more than twice as much as him– but it totally doesn’t bother him or any of his group of friends who are all MUCH bigger than him!  In fact, Jojo told me a few weeks ago he was playing in a soccer game and his team was winning.  After a goal, they were running back and a kid on other team started yelling to his teammates, taunting him saying, "Come on!  We are getting whooped by a kid that’s 3 feet tall!"  Jojo was thrilled by it and thought it was great. 

This last week we had DVR’d Masterpiece Theatre’s Complete Jane Austin’s Sense and Sensibility.  The first half he, Sissy, and I watched, and the second half we were going to watch another day.  So Monday, he walked in the door from school, came right to my room, and dropped his backpack saying, "I don’t have any homework!  Can we watch the second half of Sense and Sensiblity?"  It’s not everyday that a kid– a boy– who is almost 13 asks to spend time with his "mommy" watching Jane Austin! 

And finally, tonight he had his geography fair presentation for which he represented Scotland,  and my son chose to wear a kilt.   He spent the afternoon with me in the kitchen making shortbread as well and it was my pleasure.  He looked great and I was so proud of his excellent work on a very thorough project! 

Now say it with me… when he turns 13 next week he will NOT morph into an evil teenager that tells me I ruined his life and slams the door. 


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Hey like father like son on the kilt thing huh!
OK so what is it with you and Caroline and your perfectly well adjusted kids??

I think I’m gonna have to start hanging out with y’all more.

When can Brooke come over to play with Sugie and the gang? 😉

Comment by Andrea

Just wait Kim – you have more kids to turn 13 🙂 Alli has been 13 since Nov and I am really enjoying her. She has a sweet personality, loves to goof around, and it strong spiritually. Sure she has hormones but she is also a female but they aren’t bad at all 🙂 Happy Birthday JoJo! BTW – we have some friends whose son is (was) rather short for his age and late in entering puberty – he is now 17 and a junior and is finally catching up!

Comment by Angie

It’s crazy that our babies are turning into teenagers….fun teenagers.

I wonder what our blogs will look like when our last ones are turning into teenagers.


It will be interesting to see how God works in their lives as well….

Comment by caroline

Hey Happy B’day JoJo!! I have a great teenager also! He will be 15 in May–so far so good! They really are fun and fun to be around. Of course, I’ll let you know how I’m doing after we get the permit–if I am coherent since I’ll be on Valium!!!!!

Comment by kent

My sister always said that when you get married, you’re automatically 30. So, how old does that make you if Jojo is 13???

Comment by disty

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