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Fun with Google
April 12, 2008, 6:58 am
Filed under: Fun with Google

Ok, so I haven’t done this in a while… but looking at my Statcounter, I can see how people find my blog through their different searches.  Mostly boring but occasionally entertaining and insightful! 

"blind without my contacts"– Well I feel your pain.  I am too.  Shall we have a moment of thanksgiving that we don’t live 100 years ago and look like ElizaJane Wilder with our glasses.  Amen.  Praise be.  Thank you, Jesus. 

"lamay dress"– Ahhh yes, you caught us reminiscing… The 80’s were cruel, cruel days, fashion-wise.  If you are the person who came here after googling this, I have a great therapist I can recommend.  Call me.  Moving on…

"sips n strokes"– Well, all I can say is, "what happens at Sips n strokes, stays at Sips N Strokes."  Good times. 

"reason why not to runaway"– I hope this was a joke.  Kind of like when I thought it’d be fun to list reasons why I decided to not run away.  I mean, besides being an adult.  The best reason not to run away is that it NEVAH solves anything; it just creates more problems, more conflict, and more despair.  The things, even in my life, that temporarily make me want to run screaming from the building are just that– temporary.  Now, if we were talking of an abuse situation, running is not the answer; but there are appropriate outlets for genuine help if, God forbid, that be the reason.  But then, all this is assuming someone wasn’t doing like I just did and googling "where to buy haggis."  See?  I’m not going to buy haggis.  I just wondered if you could.   Maybe someone just wanted to know if there was a reason to not run away.  The answer is, yes.  There is a reason.  I just gave it to you. 

Now I must move along because the benedryl is kicking in and making me sleepy.  And this post is getting boring fast. 
Anyone out there?  I’m posting, people!

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