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It’s blogworthy to me
April 12, 2008, 12:47 pm
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***Pictures below are from my cellphone, so excuse the quality.  I was just happy to have it today! 

So I’m at a very muddy soccer field watching my pristine baby Bee mudbug Bee playing in puddles:

When all of a sudden, I noticed this lady walk by wearing "wedge flip flops" and "flared pants" carrying a "sassy handbag." 
THAT could only be one person.  When I went to go find the rest of my crew that had wandered off to another field, I saw the lady again and I noticed that she had roots as if she had visited the "hair wizard" on closer inspection.  So I took a deep breath,  got my guts together, and said, "Excuse me, but I happened to notice you are wearing some wedge flip-flops and I wondered if, perhaps, you would be Boomama." 
After looking stunned, and a little frightened, she laughed and said that indeed she was.  We had a lovely conversation about blog security and freaks and changing our names, then Sister took our picture and we said goodbye.
I’m sure she will be shutting down her blog soon, moving to Antartica and hiding under a rock, curled in the fetal position where she will suck her thumb all day long. 
And you all have me to thank for it. 
I’m the only freak in the world that can identify a person by their shoes.


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I just saw this on my incoming links – and laughed out loud.

Great to meet you!

Comment by boomama

Wow–I am speechless! How cool for both of you. The world really is a small place.–especially the blog world.
That Bee sure is a cute little mudbug.

Comment by kent

And you thought I was a stalker when I spotted you coming out of Target!!!

That cracks me up!

Comment by Jennifer

Watch out world…Reformed Grits is looking for you!

Bee is so cute!

Comment by caroline

Too funny, Kim! I bet I would have noticed her too!! What a great day!

Comment by disty

Oh, my WORD!!! Hilarious!!

How do these things happen to you?? It is a small world after all…

Comment by Meg

I’m echoing Meg’s comment; the tune and words to “It’s a small world after all” keep going through my head. Thanks…I’ll be singing that the rest of the night.
Very cool….I better not start blogging about my feet or I’ll be recognized not for cute shoes, but for “that must be the crazy blogger who has size 12 feet!!”

Comment by penny

ROFLOL! You are so cool Kim Grits. You wanna know why? You’ve got moxy. MOXY I say!

Comment by Gayle

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