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April 15, 2008, 9:49 pm
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Not sure that I mentioned it, but Thursday night Poo came home from an event with a 102.3 fever.  (If you were there, you are very welcome.) 
He stayed home Friday, and Saturday Mr. Grits was chompin’ at the bit to get the boy out on the soccer field but with a 101. 5 or so temp, it wasn’t happening. 
Sunday the fever started to come back towards normal, then that afternoon it was up to 101 again and he started a cough. 
Monday, the cough was worse and he started the day with a normal temp… but by the afternoon it was 100.5.  Gr.  No school the next day.
Today, we woke up to the information that he had not slept all night for the coughing.  Now, let me interject here that we had been giving him motrin and some good cough meds including some  at night that should have allowed him to sleep.  His fever started out normal but then got to just over 100.  Just enough to be annoying. 
We started out doing his homework and school work so he wouldn’t get behind, and when he read to me he began coughing so badly that he couldn’t even catch his breath.
So with the encouragement of Caroline and Mr. Grits I decided to take him to our pediatrician.  I’m not really so cold-hearted about taking my kids to the doctor, but seriously folks, for a cough and a fever?  No way.  The thing that bothered me was the fact that OTC meds gave him no relief.  I actually was sure he had some type of walking pneumonia or something. 
Imagine my surprise when the doctor told me my perfectly- otherwise healthy child was having an asthma attack.  I literally had to shut my mouth.  I felt like the worst mom on the planet (for the second time in a week.)   He said he really hoped this would be a totally isolated incident and that he would not be wearing that label of "asthmatic."  Even the low-grade fever was a sign that his poor little body was in distress. 
So off we went to get him an inhaler (which made ME cough) and some meds that cost me $5 a pill (that was just MY part.)  I hope the little bugger feels better soon.  That made me so sad that my little buddy was having that and I didn’t even know. 
I’m thankful for that fever on Saturday morning… if he hadn’t had a fever that morning then we would have put him on the field and that could have been so very dangerous.  Also, our ped said that if we had taken him in on Friday he would have just seen the virus and sent us home; but if we had taken him later it could have been after he was in a much worse way.  I’m so thankful for God’s leading through my sweet hubby and friend, even when I’m not the most intuitive person He can get His message through to take care of His little ones. 


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Poor Poo!!!! U are not the worst mom on the planet btw…You rock! 🙂

Comment by Katester

How is he feeling today with all those wonderful meds in him?

Was his cough better?

I am so thankful as a mom to have the Lord guiding me. There is so much peace in that He will help me take care of my little ones. I’m so inadequate!

Comment by caroline

You are soo not the worst MOM!! My oldest wasn’t diagnosed until 5( after 2 coaches and a teacher suggested–nagged me until I took him.) I finally took him in after he coughed until he vomited in his bed 3 nights in a row. Can you tell I hate copays only to be told to keep doing what I was doing. In this case my child was suffering with asthma. Mostly he’s outgrown it–thank God it wasn’t more serious. Hope yours is a one time incident.

Comment by kent

Poor poo…I hope he is feeling back to normal and I will pray this doesn’t happen again!

Comment by Andrea

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