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Trying a little widget thingie
April 17, 2008, 10:12 pm
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Ok so you see the little widget box in the sidebar?  If anyone ever happens to be on this here blog, which is rare and doubtful, you can actually SEE them and where they are from.  Creeped out?  I thought it’d be kinda cool.  It doesn’t show any info about you or anything personal other than relatively where you are from…
Plus it’s likely no one will ever actually BE on here at the same time since only like 3 people come here.  Ever. Ok, well a couple more. 

So let’s try something a little fun…

If you come by and someone else is on when you see this post, post a comment and tell me.  Trust me it will be like skinny-dipping in Alaska.  You’ll have the place to yourself. 

But please keep your clothes on. 


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Wierd. And I always thought the internet was so anonymous.

Comment by Meg

There were ten people on when I was reading your post!

Comment by Jennifer

How did my blog address show up when no one else had theirs? Does that mean my blog is not private? Just wondering. Also if you click on options you can cancel out all of your own visits on the feed. Just to let you know.

Comment by Becca Mae

Ok…I am not from franklin tn.!!! LOL. It says that b/c thats where our corp headquarters are!! lol

Comment by Katester

It says I’m in Newton, IA. I’m actually about 15 miles SE. Our cable hub must be there.

Comment by Dorian

I am not in Helena.
No one was here.
Where are you?

Maybe we should all plan a certain time to come visit Grits and see if we can FREAK the widget out.

Comment by caroline

Someone from Los Gatos, CA was on while I was. How do you tell how many are on at the same time?

Comment by disty

I am in helena and there were about 10 people reading your post – that is weird – one was a link from PW – your becoming popular as her!

Comment by Lisa

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