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Game one
April 19, 2008, 12:02 pm
Filed under: Soccer IS life!

The first game this morning was at 8:30.  The fields are only about 10 minutes away so it was no big deal for us to get there on time as our kids naturally get up at the crack of dawn, forget about the fact that we are in a new place which makes them pop up before even that! 
Our night was…. Well, let’s just say I kept telling myself, "I’m not sleeping, but I AM resting."  I dosed everyone with benedryl without apology.  Call me a bad mom, I don’t care, but they all slept.  Well, outside of the ones who talk in their sleep.  At one point, Poo was mumbling and at one point bolted up in bed hollering, "I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM AND I’M SCARED!"  Another time, Sugie woke everyone up by saying out loud, clear as a bell, "You have to have a LOOOONNNGG neck to eat the leaves on the trees!"  We are still teasing her about that.  Neither Mr. Grits or I got any sleep until about 4 or 5.  I think around 3 someone was drag-racing on the street outside our hotel.  He’s asleep right now on the bed next to me. 
Oh and the game this morning?  We won, 5-0.  We got max tourney points for goals, shut-out, and a win so that will help us in our pool.  Next game will be later this afternoon. 
We have already driven through some really cool sections of this town and are loving it!  So many neat shops and we can’t decide where to have dinner tonight for Jojo’s birthday!  We found a "relic" doughnut shop and picked up 2 dozen for tomorrow’s breakfast already.  Well, if they last! 
Stay tuned, and keep praying for our safety and success for the team!


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Sounds like Mrs. Grits needed a little Benedryl herself! I always take a Simply Sleep when I travel. Nothing worse than being awake all night!

Congrats on the game!

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