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Game three
April 20, 2008, 9:42 am
Filed under: Soccer IS life!

We were up at 6 this morning to leave bright and early for our 7:30 game.  It was against a team that had already lost twice this tournament but for whatever reason had a grudge against us.  They played angry and their parents were angry too and it made it challenging.  We won 5-0 but their team played hard.  Our team took a while to wake up.  One of our boys made a goal by heading it in.  It was really cool!

We are in the championship game later today.  Continue to pray for our boys– for their attitudes, safety, and endurance.  We didn’t sleep again last night as Sugie had a number of night-terrors last night.  Bee also woke up once crying.  I’m wiped out and the kids are starting to get on my nerves.  Not their fault– we are doing a lot of waiting, eating a lot of road food and junk food, and we are all running on no sleep.

I really think this will be the last time we take everyone.  The little ones just don’t do well without naps, and if anyone is able to sleep their wakefulness from overtiredness ruins it for everyone. 
I’m happy for the boys who have worked hard and played hard and will be in the big game later today!  News to come!  I hear it’s a tough team!!


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Wow! I’m happy for your team, but totally identify with the nap need! It’s hard on the little guys to miss them, and you need the time to do other things!

Comment by disty

BEEN Camping. Just coming home from NO SLEEP. All seven of us in tent. Can’t complete a sentence. Waiting on a bathroom to clear from dirty children. Ticks to check for. Need sleep. Good trip.

God is good. Bed will feel good tonight.

Over and out. Oh, and I said sort of the same thing. This will be the LAST time I take a baby camping.

Praying for your safe return.

Comment by caroline

yeah, what she said (caroline).
oh, and happy birthday jojo…kick some tail, brother!
OH…wait…in answer to your all important question…

Eddie Van Halen
Alex Van Halen
David Lee Roth
Wolfgang Van Halen

Former members
Michael Anthony
Sammy Hagar
Gary Cherone
Mark Stone
Mitch Malloy

Comment by Gayle

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