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American Idol Live Blogging!
April 22, 2008, 8:03 pm
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Syesha:  Watching this I thought of Jennifer Hudson and how she’s gone on to get a Tony or whatever award for her acting and singing, etc.  And I thought yes, Syesha could do that too. She is personally not my show favorite even though she’s obviously talented just because she seems cocky and snotty.  Whatever.

  Ok, I really liked hearing him.  I love his voice and I’d buy his album for sure.  If I bought albums.  I mean, if they actually made albums anymore.  I think they make CDs.  Or DVD’s or something.  I dunno.  I’m in the dark ages.  But my point is, I liked this even though I did sit there listening and wondering, "This sounds like an old man should be singing it??"  It was musically a "yes" but lyrically a "no."  Go figure. 

What happened?  I am so uncomfortable watching her.  Oh dear, and I really like her.  I thought Paula made me cringe when she said "Don’t ever stop and start."  I wanted to cry for her.  And her looking at her husband like "Oh help me," and him looking back at her like "Oh honey I love you.  It’s ok."  But I loved what Simon said.  Who knew he had a gracious bone in his body.  That was actually kind for him to "come to her rescue."  Didn’t know he had it in him. 

David A:  Boring, repetetive song.  Even my girls who usually love staring at him when he’s on are running around the house screaming and horsing around.  But he’s not going anywhere.

Carly:  Ok, it was her.  Powerful, vibrant.  Really good.  I have a problem with the lyrics but hey, what do you expect from me, huh?  I mean, seriously, "Jesus Christ– Superstar???"  Give me a break.

David C:  Are you kidding me?  Is this the same guy?  Wow!!  He is so amazing!!!  I love his rocker stuff but this pure talent.   I’m blown away.  So multifaceted.  He really can sing ANYTHING. 

Who should go home?
  Based on the night, Brooke.  She paled in comparison to the others tonight.  Even Jason. 

Who will go home?
  Sadly, Brooke.  It’s time.  I really like her.  She’s folksy and cool and there’s a place for her but she’s out-talented at this point. 


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You know me…mercy and all….I never vote till toward the end and I voted for Brooke many times.

I just felt so sorry for her and I just love her voice. She has such passion when she sings.

I think Jason will go home. He sings the same ol way all the time. Good…but boring.

We shall see….

I think Brooke AND Jason are at their “talent” stopping point.

Comment by caroline

First, I must say that I love GRITS. I can’t live if living is without them.

Second, I must say that I scared myself when I looked at your live feed and saw “someone” almost near my town and then I figured out it was me.

I sadly agree with you about Brooke. I kind of got the impression that perhaps she’s tired and ready to go on home. I think Simon likes her, deep down.

Blessings, Jeannie

Comment by PajamaMama

Boy, I agree about Carly – she sounded great, but THAT song???

Comment by MSM

I think David Cook is the next Idol… Nobody else deserves the ‘crown’ this year! I hope the final show is Carly vs. David C with David winning. That’s only fair. 😉 (in my opinion)

Comment by Heidi

It’s funny to see your “live traffic feed” … this really is a busy place!!

Comment by Meg

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